August 6, 2011

Rehearse to PIVOT!

Our bridemaids & groomsmen will totally get that joke...I've been in 5 weddings (I think) but never realized the tediousness of a rehearsal. Our poor wedding party had to rehearse pivoting after I walked down the aisle to face me ABOUT 50 times! haha!

My stress level was a little high this day...I started the day getting my feet and hands done with bridesmaids. My MOH, Missy, then took me to a very nice lunch at Zanata's in Downtown Rockwall with a much needed glass of wine! I explained to her one reason I was stressed was because that morning the dog chewed up the hair piece I planned on putting in my hair for the reception. He was so mad at us...he knew we were leaving sine we were packing for the honeymoon. After lunch Missy and I made a final wedding trip to Hobby Lobby where we got materials to make another hair piece!

The stress level continued to decrease once I got home and Marcia & Kris and Austin were at our house! I knew the fun wedding festivities were on their way! We got ready for rehearsal, and headed to the chapel. After about an hour of rehearsing with many laughs...we were on our way to Primos for our rehearsal dinner.
Thank you to Bailey Ferguson (our Jr. BM's friend) for putting together my rehearsal bouquet! Thank you to Uncle Danny & Aunt Kathy four our Unity Cross. Good thing we had it for rehearsal because we definitely needed to rehearse putting that together! It's such a beautiful piece that will forever remind us of our unity. :)

August 2, 2011

Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

Don't be confused by the title...we did not celebrate together, but on the same day...I'm pretty sure Ryan was looking forward more to this day than the wedding! He was really looking forward to the honeymoon too, but that's a later post!

We had our last flings before the rings the week before the wedding on a Saturday night. Ryan had to work the night before so thankfully they weren't up all night...I unfortuantely was...our house alarm went off, scared me like crazy! I thought I'd be pretty tired for the party, but after I saw our hotel room I didn't care!!

We stayed at the Crescent Hotel in Uptown Dallas. After waiting impatiently for our room to be ready we were no longer impatient to see that we got upgraded! Our room was 2 story, full kitchen, dining area, living area, study (which also worked as a bedroom), guest bath, guest room, master room, master bath, and master closet (which could also work as a bedroom)...and a doorbell!! We started the day at the did Ryan at his hotel in Downtown Fort Worth.

After the pool my girls and I went back up to the fabulous room to get ready for a night-o-fun!! We had dinner delivered by a super good pizza place and ate while Brandy did a Pure Romance presentation. That was a lot of fun!! We were then ready for a night out on the town! About 20 heels...walking up and down McKinney Avenue! I'm so thankful to have so many friends who were sure to make me have a good time!

Ryan and his guys had dinner at Chuy's (my favorite!) then went out in Downtown Fort Worth...before heading out they had my brother (Anthony AKA Allen) lock on Ryan's old ball and chain made by Davy...Ryan had to carry this around all night unless he found somebody (ahem...a single girl) to carry it for him! Pretty good idea!

We were excited to see each other the next day, and had a nice brunch with my MOH, Missy, at Primo's. Really...thanks again to all our friends who came in from out of town or somewhere farther away than my comfort zone to spend this time with us! We love you all!!

July 28, 2011

Rest & Ribbon

Once school was out I was able to rest for about a week while working constantly on last minute things for the wedding. This including finishing up bridesmaid gifts, little kid gifts, and tying cute tags and ribbon on 150 lottery tickets! I can't post this picture without giving a shout out to my girl, Megan of Sassyrae Expressions. She is responsible for EVERYTHING that was printed at the wedding. She will forever be my paperist as I call her! Here's just a little sample:

P.S. No ribbon was wasted during this project...until Amy came over to help! ;)

Crunch Time

The next week was major crunch time with finishing school projects & finishing out the year. Since we used 5 snow days this year we had to go to school on the Friday before Memorial Day which was marked on the calendar as a make-up day. I'm actually pretty thankful we did go to school this day because there was LOTS to do!!

The next week was only a 3 day week for the kids! So it was a must everything got finished the week before! Tuesday was Field Day, and my lovely (at the time, Fiance) once again volunteered to help. Last year he was assigned to a station, but this year he got to travel with me and my class. It was a lot of fun, and nice to see him rooting on the kids! Not only is he the best for volunteering BUT this was also his BIRTHDAY!! When we left school we got home to quickly get ready, and I took him to dinner at Mi Cocina. Being new homeowners Ryan's wishlist was a lot of stuff for the house...I wanted to get him what he wanted, but I also wanted to get him something more exciting than a ladder! Soooo I got him the shot glass case he's always been wanting! I filled it up for him too. He already needs another one! I'm proud of his collection (he has 2 TEXAS TECH glasses!) My daddy is also a shot glass collector...whoever said you marry somebody like your father may have been a little bit right!

That reminds me! For my birthday I blogged about Ryan getting me the bracelet I wore in my bridal portraits & on wedding day, but couldn't post pictures because nobody could see me in my dress...well now that the big day has passed I can share! Here's just a few to see the jewels...and shoes of course! ;)

Bracelet from Fiance

I love my matching earrings...all to go with the add-a-pearl necklace my Grandmother Born started for me

Something Blue

Last Bridal Shower

I am truly blessed to be surrounded by so many friends, family and co-workers who chose to throw me a 5th was my last one! I hope it's this fun when we have babies!! :) My 1st grade team gave me a shower at school & boy were we showered!! Lots of gift cards which were really fun to shop with after the wedding!! They did a beautiful job making sure everything was PINK! :) I love my team!!

My Junior Bridesmaid was Julie D. who is the daughter of Joann. Joann was my mentor teacher & team leader my 1st year of teaching. We instantly connected, and became great friends! Amy is another teacher friend who student taught with another 3rd grade teacher while I was in 3rd grade, and then was our #1 sub...until she got a job teaching 1st grade. I'm very happy for her, but at the same time sad that I lost my best sub!

::Side Note:: Amy was on pins and needles hoping for a job opportunity this past year...the Friday before school started about 2 hours before Welcome Hour she was hired to teach 1st grade at another school in my district. Thank the good Lord for that! Not only am I happy Amy got her dream job, but also that she had weeks before to help me get my 1st grade classroom together. So needless to say...she's a great friend!!::

Joann, Julie, and Amy hosted a shower for me at Joann's home. We invited friends from school & former parents of students I had in the past. They did a beautiful job with decorations (hard to keep alive PINK plant) and yummy food! They know how much I loooove playing games at showers so we played a "Dress the Bride" game. Not to be dress nor me, myself, was involved in this game! I was the judge! 2 teams had to dress Julie (the Jr. Bridesmaid) and her friend, Bailey in wedding dresses...using TOILET PAPER!! (I'll post pics as soon as I get them...ahem:: MOM & JOANN!!) ;)

Julie's team was the winning team! I promise I wasn't being was a tough decision to make! Both teams got pretty creative with their dresses...including accessories! They had rings, bouquets, and even head pieces!

Since our wedding was "small" (we could have had 500 people) was nice to have the opportunity to celebrate with the people I spend every day with!

July 18, 2011

House Warming Party you can see things got PRETTY busy with "The All American Couple". So busy that I'm super behind on blogging...just like lunch with an old friend I'm going to pick up RIGHT where I left off!

The weekend after my birthday & Arlington Wedding Shower we had our House Warming Party---WHY we planned a party at our house just WEEKS before our wedding??!! Thankfully we have wonderful parents who helped out very generously! My mom & friend, Krystal came over the night before while Ryan was at work...Krystal helped me hang stuff up around the house while Mom worked in the kitchen preparing all the food that would be served. When Ryan got home Saturday morning we got busy cleaning the house from top to bottom! Krystal came over early to help put out all the food that Mom made & even made cupcakes! :) Our first guests, Amanda & Calen were early so they were put to work too! ;) Ryan's parents came with his aunt, uncle, and Nanni. Ryan's mom brought all kind of goodies...including french onion dip in an interesting bowl (if you were there you know what I'm talking about) haha!
Us opening gifts...
We got an awesome basket of goodies from Uncle Chris & Aunt Gina.
I was cracking up because I asked who was staying for margaritas & Nanni raised her hand!
This party was a reason to show off our first new home, celebrate our 17 days apart birthdays, and help stock our bar! We got all kinds of gifts! Waaaay more than I expected! We certainly have some great friends who know how to shower us with great gifts & have a good time! Our friends Layn and Jessica stayed the night since they had a long drive back so we finished the night by playing Just Dance (ok...just me) and a card game!

The next morning was an early one...I got up to fix everybody breakfast & get ready for ANOTHER bridal shower. It was a little bitter sweet since it was my last one. :( But also a little relieving since Mom and I were getting worn out on being somewhere EVERY weekend! The next post will be about that shower...

May 25, 2011

Life Size House Wife

I was given a bridal shower on May 15th by The Thomases good friends Sherri and Sharon. This shower was held in Arlington so we invited friends and family who lived on that side of town. It was good to see everybody! Sherri and Sharon did a beautiful job at entertaining us all! We had great conversation & delicious desserts! Recipes must be shared!!

I was quite surprised to walk in, and see the Life Size House Wife! This is the one of the most creative wedding gifts I've seen at a shower! They blew a picture of me, and attached it to an iron board. A mop was used as my hair with pink tulle to make the veil. A house wife's look is not complete without kitchen & garden gadgets attached to her apron!

I'm thankful to be joining such a happy family with such kind friends. :)

Ryan's Mom, Me, and My Mom

May 23, 2011

National Holiday

Us before dinner. :)
I'm wearing my birthday present from my MOH, Missy-Pooh
If you know me know what a big deal my birthday is! I usually celebrate the entire month of May! Getting older doesn't scare me...well especially now that I'm on my way to dreams coming true! I just love the joy of birthdays!

This My birthday (May 14th) morning was spent getting hair & make up done for bridal portraits! I felt so beautiful thankful to the hair stylist who has done my up-do's since middle school, and the make up artist who has shown me how to let true beauty shine! Mom and I met my MOH, Missy & photogapher at the Dallas Arboretum. We came prepared with a sheet to change in the parking lot, but thought we would TRY to change in a bathroom or something...NOPE! SHOT DOWN! So there I stood in the parking lot with a sheet to hide me while I got dressed in my bridal gown. Without giving away details of the gown...let's just was interesting to make that work!

Our photographer took us way back into a quiet part of the Arboretum where we got some of my favorite shots! I was nervous about not looking "natural" since I was just standing/sitting there by myself without Ryan to lean our engagement photo session. Thankfully I have an excellent photographer, hysterical MOH, and adoring mother who helped me feel at ease & enjoy the day!

Ryan knows how important my birthday is to me, and wasn't going to let it slide! When I got home after a long, exhausting, but incredibly enjoyable day he (and Ryder) had baked brownies for me with candles! I was quite impressed! We waited to have dessert after to dinner so we wouldn't spoil the exquisite dinner we were about to INHALE!

Ryan took me to Bin 303 which is an old house in Downtown Rockwall that was turned into a Texas Cuisine restaurant. We enjoyed an appetizer, red wine, and a delicious meal. Then of course...dessert was chocolate brownies!

When we got home I opened a package I got from BFF for my birthday! It was FULL of goodies! Gold glitter TOMS that I've been wanting, the Wizard of Oz Find It! game, Tervis Tumblers, and a homemade card TO:::BFF, SFAM, AUNT ANGELA:::FROM:::BFF, SFAM, MARK & DYLAN!! I took a picture of the fabulous-ness of it all, but haven't gotten it off Ryan's camera yet...(Next birthday wish list from Husband will be a camera!) Ryan got me the gorgeous bracelet I'll wear on our wedding day. A very special gift! I think the best gift for him is knowing I will be older than him for 17 more days...As I write this I'm only 8 days older than him!

May 8, 2011

Couples Shower!!!

Last night (05/07) was our Couples Shower at Ryan's Nanny's house. Ryan's family's good friend, Mel, and his aunts, Aunt Gina, Aunt Janet, Aunt Kathy, Aunt Linda, and Aunt Denise were the hosts. They did a FABULOUS job!!!

The shower was outside on the deck that Paw-Paw built. Everything was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! They went with a FIESTA theme! There were beautiful centerpieces, lanterns hanging, and table cloths (duct tape included). ;) Despite the wind...good thing I brought a wardrobe change!

We started off the evening with some DELICIOUS food! I need ALL recipes please!! Mel had called Ryan and asked him a few questions. When we got to the shower she asked me the same questions. We were pleasantly surprised that we got MOST of them RIGHT! I believe there are some objections to Ryan's favorite toy as a child...Angel, his cousin/babysitter, says Ninja Turtles! Ryan answered GI Joes...I went with the practical answer of...A FIRE TRUCK! DUH!!

We were overwhelmed with the amount of gifts! The shower theme was things you would to host a party! My daddy wasn't aware of this, and started questioning our lifestyle as we opened up shakers, wine corkers, etc! Everything was beautiful & perfect! It was all JUST what we needed!! I'd love to post ALL the pictures of all the gifts, but going through 200 pictures to crop, edit, and post to the blog...well, that will just have to be a Facebook-er! We got the most precious, emotional gift from Ryan's Great Grandmother, Moos. Nanny fulfilled her request that it be given to us...we got her silver, a school house cookie jar, and a blanket she knitted!

We are soooo thankful to everybody who came to celebrate with us! I'd also love to post pictures of our guests, but again...Facebook-er! We had the best time! It's great to be surrounded by such loving family & friends!! Thank you for supporting us! Lot of love!! ~Ryan and Angela

Us with Amanda & in Outfit #1

Us with the hostessses (Me in outfit #2-Diva!)

May 3, 2011

A Long Weekend with Minimal Sleep

Our Weekend

Friday: Ryan worked hard waitin for fires to fight or patients to be treated. ;) I was a team member for Relay for Life. A group of us from school formed a team. The theme this year was Around the World. My team totally ran with this! Our first choice was Ireland because we wanted to be CLP Fightin' Cancer!! Since that was taken we were happy to be CLP Jamaican a Difference! We made an awesome banner of the Jamaican flag, had awesome t-shirts, and set up an awesome camp! 5 of us lasted until about 4 AM then 4 of us until about 5 AM then 3 of us until 6 AM. Cancer never sleeps so neither did we....

Saturday: Oh how I wish I would have slept...I came hom Saturday morning, showered, and slept for about an hour and a half. Ryan got home from work about 8 AM. We packed the truck, and were off to Austin. I was so tired I didn't even care about stopping in West for kolaches! We made it to the 5th Annual Backyard Boil at 2 PM. We were hungry for some crawfish, potatoes, and corn! The tail was a little spicy, but who doesn't like spicy tail?! We had a lot of fun with good friends...aside from the terrible Austin allergies! (or so I thought...)

Sunday: I woke up with a super sore throat...thinking it was a combination of allergies & no sleep...little did I know. I toughened it up, and made it to meet one of Ryan's childhood friends & his girlfriend. We met Grant & Melissa at their apartment then rode with them to a yummy restraunt on Lake Austin. It was nice to meet somebody I've heard so much about! Grant's in med school & Melissa is in grad school. I'm hoping we'll get to see them at the wedding! Boy was it a shock to drive from 90 degrees in Austin to 50 degrees in Rockwall. Since I was still feeling icky we thought it had something to do with the extreme change of temperature. After picking up our Puppy Child from Grandma & Papa Gary's (thank you!!) we were finally home to rest!

And now I have 2 days to rest since I went to the doctor yesterday & was told I have strep. :( I have the best fiance ever though! He knew I didn't feel well & hesitated to go to work yesterday, but since I was so sure I could go he went on...a couple hours later...he was home to take care of me. :) Waited on me hand & foot just like a good husband does! Through sickness & in health...

April 27, 2011

Aaaaaand they're off!!!

Soooo the weekend we were moving into the house I stopped unpacking boxes, sat in between them, and emailed the owner of Sassyrae Expressions (lovely lady doing our wedding stationary). I told her I thought it was about time to order wedding invitations. She was impressed that I beat her to the punch! She said she was thinking of emailing me, but thought she'd wait another week since she knew we were moving into our house that weekend. She thought she needed to remind me that I was getting married soon!

I have to admit...when the house stuff got rolling I put wedding stuff to the side. Now that we're comfortable in our new home I'm ready to get back on with wedding planning. I mean it's all planned, but there are still little things here and there we need to do that I finally have found time to do! Soooo got the wedding invitations in the mail, LOVED THEM, and knew I had to get them sent out soon!!

My friend Krystal planned on coming over last night to bring us our shower gift, and some Scentsy stuff ::yum!:: I knew she would be THRILLED when I asked her to help address wedding invitations! And boy was she! haha! I'm so thankful she was here to get me through it though! We got them ALL addressed & stuffed in one night! I stopped by the post office today to get some more stamps and the invitations are off!

Such a relief!! Next step:: shower hostess gifts, thank you cards, ::breath::, centerpieces, more wedding party gifts, ::breath::, ceremony plan, ::breath::, ::breath::, ::breath::...I just keep remind myself---it's all for the marriage to the most perfect man for me!

April 25, 2011

A Perfect Weekend seriously (as Jake says) this weekend was PERFECT! seriously...almost every weekend is just about perfect...I really am so blessed! Ryan was schedule to work Saturday, but took off since it was the last Wedding Workshop we could go to at the chapel before our wedding...also, with all the fires in West Texas Ryan's fire department sent some guys to go fight some fires! Ryan had to say no since we had so much going on this weekend! It meant we had 4 days together!

We need to get Ryan some Dodgers gear!

Thursday night we went to Jared's baseball game. They won 4 to 2! Go Dodgers!!!

This is the first year I remember not having to make up a weather day on Good Friday. I was glad RISD changed that as a weather day. Ryan and I were both off...the day got away from us! I went and had my practice wedding hair done then was home so Ryan and I could head to Arlington for his dad's SURPRISE 50th birthday party!
Us after taking a break from all the dancing at Dad's party!
Saturday we attended the Wedding Workshop at the Chapel we're getting married at to lay out how the ceremony will go. It was very excited, and interesting to see our different perspectives on things, but it was good! And apparently I'm the only bride at the chapel that is "difficult" by wanting to do things not most people do. Whatev! We planned on going to Easter service Saturday night, but since the workshop went longer than we thought it would we did our weekly grocery shopping, picked up the dog from Grandma & Papa Gary's, then out for Date Night! ...after we dropped the groceries and dog off of course ;)

Ryan said it was my choice for Date Night...I chose to go eat at Zanata's which is an Italian place in Downtown Rockwall that serves pizzas like Fireside Pies...wood burning or whatever. ;) It's delish! And after appetizer, meal, dessert, and wine we think it's pretty affordable! We watched a movie at home..."How Do You Know" with Reese Witherspoon...I would not suggest it! Bless Ryan for sitting through it! I was bored!! I know he had to! ...and that is why I know I am marrying my best friend! (Wedding Workshop, Grocery Store, and Chick Flick) Is he the best or what?!

Since we didn't make it to Easter service on Saturday night we went Sunday morning. When we got home we were fast and furiously getting our home ready for company! That's right...we hosted Easter lunch at our new home! Everything was perfect EXCEPT the HUGE crick I woke up with Sunday morning. :/ After cooking all the sides, appetizers, and dessert then finally eating I had to go lay down. I was sad I missed out on spending time with my family especially my nephews, but I was in so much pain!

I'm thankful for my mom & dad and Ryan keeping it all together! Ryan woke me up after everybody left & the house looked great!, seriously...he is great!!

Pank and Pank

In case you don't know our wedding colors are pink and pink...or pank and pank if you have seen Steel Magnolias. ;) Ryan's such a good fiance` who said, "whatever colors you would like dear." He understands this is something I have been dreaming about since I was a little girl. He has certainly given his input on things, and I think we have surprised each other on decisions...for instance when choosing vows we compromised between traditional and more modern. You'd be surprised who wanted which! Guess you'll just have to find out at the wedding!

My very first Bridal Shower was last weekend, April 16th. I had been looking forward to it for so long that when the day finally came I didn't know what to do! I was sooo excited! The weekend started out with my friend/bridesmaid, Marcia, coming in town for the shower on Friday night! We grilled ka-bobs and Mom & Grandmother came over for dinner & Mom's birthday dessert. :) Marcia and I finished the night off with JUST DANCE! Stand by for a video...having trouble uploading it!

We didn't let the night get too crazy because my shower was the next day! Ryan's mom came to our house early to see our humble abode. Our shower gift was too big to take to the shower so we got our first gift early! TV trays!! We are certainly enjoying them & very thankful to Mom & Dad for them!! :)

I was overwhelmed with the beauty of the shower! Everything was absolutely perfect! The guests, the food, the cake, the table, the champagne, the game, the gifts, everything!! My mom put my Meghaaaaaan in charge of taking pictures...she did an excellent job at fulfilling Mr. B's request of taking a million pictures! It's difficult to choose just a couple to post on the blog, but here we go...

My Meghaaaaan and I...We've been friends since 5th grade!

A generation of brides: Grandmother, Mommy, Me, Aunt Marisa, and Julie (SIL)

Chris=Chef of the Best!

Shocked by a $500 giftcard from my brother, Rock & SIL, Julie...if you know my brother you'll understand this ;)

I was REALLY excited about all my gifts! Especially this blender/food processor from Aunt Marissa!

Cups, "not fancy glasses" for my groom from my mommy

Krystal and I were friends in elementary school & reunited freshman year in Jacket Babes!

Hostesses with the Mostesses

Marcia, Mom (Ryan's mom), Me, and Zina (My mom's cousin & my neighbor!)


Amy and I loooove 1st grade!

Playing a game where I had to chew bubble gum every time I got a "Ryan" question wrong...we're in trouble...I had to chew a lot of gum! I was trying to blow a bubble with it!

Rasberry Tea, Punch, and Champagne! The pitcher was my gift from Chris & Missy...they could tell from my registries that I REALLY wanted one!!

Me and MOH, Missy!

Another gift for Ryan...this one from Amy for his "patio"

April 17, 2011


Can you believe it?!?!?! We still hardly can! We discusse d dreams, and how we would love to own a home before getting married so it'd be a place to begin our just all seemed so far away! We began looking into renting because we just knew we couldn't be home owners! Well thanks to Darla & Jeff Ryan (realtor & lender) it happened! And also a HUGE thanks to my brother & SIL for introducing us to J.R. & Darla! We didn't get an actual picture of the SOLD on the sign, but when Ryan's parents came in town for the Rehearsal Dinner rehearsal (YAY!) we took them by the house, and just eeeek with excitement when we saw this on the sign....

We spent some time with Amanda and Calen that evening...we were excited to share our excitement with them! They were just as excited, and while they waited on us to get to Arlington from Rockwall they bought us these as a house warming gift....

Aren't they sweet?! The one on the right is MUCH nicer than the one on the left, but we don't tell Ryan that since he nicely hung them on our back patio. The birds seem to favor the red & black one, but who am I to judge?!?! Ok so I may have to either switch the sides or put more food in the UT one before Ryan sees that the birds are drawn to the BURNT ORANGE...YUCK! Maybe an emptier bird feeder means an emptier team?!?! haha! we are...all moved in...we are very thankful to Ben who helped moved our stuff & take this sweet picture. :)  To say thanks we took him to a nice meal at....Applebees ...Chili's! Ryan and I were up bright & early the next morning lunch came about 10 AM with Chili's leftovers. As we sat on our barstools (garage sale special!) eating using toliet paper as a napkin we couldn't help but laugh at ourselves & just take it all in with pure bliss! 
Our first couple of days were spent getting everything moved over from our old roommates AKA parent's houses and unpacking....boy do I owe a HUGE thanks to my mom, Missy, and her mom, Chris for all their help in keeping me sane while worked & we unpacked! He could tell a big difference when he came home, and it was beginning to feel like a home. :)

We truly are so blessed with the family & friends in our lives...everybody has been so great in helping us make our house a home! We've had visitors, gifts, and lots wanting to come see our house! We will be having a house warming party so be looking for invitation via Facebook. We are really enjoying these moments, but now I can't wait until the next person gets to experience this & I get to share the wealth we were blessed with!

Ketchup::Catch Up::Catsup

When I was in school I remember my teachers saying we were going to play "catch up" today. Which meant I got to draw and color so the kids who were always absent or never turned anything in could get work done. But I always thought they said Ketchup! For the longest time I thought Ketchup was a game teachers invented because I always got to play! I actually had a student ask me this year (1st grade) how we play Ketchup! Woopsie! Guilty!

So here we go...I haven't updated in a very long time which means a lot has been going on! There still is a lot going on, but with a motivating talk from Daddy and support from Ryan I am sitting here in front of Dancing with the Stars (GO KENDRA!!) updating our blog!

I'll start with VALENTINE'S DAY! Let's see what I remember...

Valentine's Day was on a Monday this year so most couples celebrated the weekend before. Including our friends, Kevin & Sarah...they went all out this year & got married! ;) Ryan and Davy were ushers in the Weatherford wedding while Jenn and I found trouble! We took a break from dancing to take this picture!

Good thing I take vitamins otherwise I probably wouldn't remember all this! On actual Valentine's Day (Monday) my sweet, sweet, sweet Fiance brought me lunch then graciously stayed to run the HEART (BINGO) station for my class party. Did I mention he is sweet?? And how I love this schedule?! The fact that he was able to do is but also willing!! We spent the evening with my family and a 6 year old named Jake AKA Nephew who was celebrating his 6th birthday at Kyoto on Valentine's Day! He's such a Romeo!

I have to was a weekend of love! :)

February 9, 2011

Magnificent Dish Sunday!!

Just in case you didn't know... The Super Bowl was held at Cowboys' Stadium this year in Arlington, TX.
So for the past month BREAKING NEWS has been about The Super Bowl. I got pretty tired of hearing it so I decided to call it the Magnificent Dish! 

Since Ryan is employed part time through Arlington's medical response team as a paramedic he had the opportunity to work the Super Bowl. He worked many days leading up to The Super Bowl, and of course the day of! This is a picture of the hottest paramedic I know with his Aunt Denise.

Ryan's family is from PA so he chose to root for the Steelers. Not just because I'm stubborn, but also because I have family in WI...AND my MOH's family is from WI. Mom & I chose to root for the Packers! Here we are with our cheese head sombrero & cowboy hat! We made it a night to remember with 7 layer dip & fajitas! Just the 2 of us were joined by my brother & nephew, Jared.
Boy am I glad that the Magnificent Dish over though! I get my fiance long as the weather doesn't keep us apart! 

February 4, 2011

Snow Days!!

Out of school for 4 days in a row! I think this is the first time that's happened for me as long as I can remember!!

Let's see: Monday was devoted to grading papers! Tuesday was spent working on things for the wedding. Wednesday I finally got out of the house! I picked up Leanne, and we went to pick up my Save the Dates! They look sooo good! I'm so excited! So today will be spent addressing all of them!

Many have asked how the house hunt is going so I thought I'd give an update on that. We did decide on the house. Now...we've been playing the negotiating game. So for now we're waiting. It's an exciting time...I'm just trying to stay patient. :)

That's about it! We'll keep you updated!!

January 30, 2011

"We'll register for it!"

Pretty much our saying these days...we see something we like, and think "we'll register for it!"

We decided early on that we didn't want to register for china or fine silver. So I knew I wanted to register at Pottery Barn for every day dishes & flatware. Ryan wanted to register at Bed, Bath, & Beyond so we did those 2 early on. Recently, after talking to a few people, who will be guests at our wedding, we decided to register at Target as well.

Ryan was confused what we had left to register for, but I explained to him that we needed to give people options on where to go & what to buy! I don't know why anybody wouldn't WANT to buy from Pottery Barn or Bed, Bath, and Beyond & use a coupon! But I guess most people shop at Target (like we do) so we have things on a list there for when they're out getting things for their own home.

So I guess for the most part we've completed our registration process. I still get online from time to time to maybe add or take away a few things. It's been fun! I let Ryan scan this wine painting at BB&B...the least he could have done was let me scan the Justin Bieber poster at Target!! ;)

You may look at our registry, and think we got a little carried away. I don't care! It was fun! And we may or may not get things that we scanned, but it's fun to make a wish list. :)

It was easier to choose things at Target with one of our house choices in mind. :) Speaking of...we went looking again today...we'll just need to keep praying. We are so excited though!

Mom and I spent some good time together this weekend working on things for the wedding. We decided on flowers, and centerpieces. It was fun shopping around for everything! I'm glad to have her creative eye! It's all getting so close...I'm getting so excited & giddy! We can't wait for the big day!!

January 27, 2011

Stuck between a Rock & a City

Rockwall & Royse City that is...

Today we went to get a second look at the house in Fate that we cannot stop talking about! After today we're not as sold on it as we were before...this home is a foreclosure so questions we have about the flooring can only be answered by the previous owners or bank. We're hoping the bank that now owns it will be able to help us out with giving us more information on the stained concrete...

This Fate house is on the "Rockwall" side of the subdivision which means our children would go to a Rockwall ISD school. Which they can do regardless since I work in a Rockwall ISD school, but I really want them to go to school with the same children from their neighborhood.

We're stuck on this one, and keep going back & forth on what the bank responds with. If they can give us what we want then the home would be perfect AND affordable BUT...

There's the house on the "Royse City" side of the same subdivision. We absolutely love this house too. A plus is it's even more affordable than the other which will allow us to live more of the lifestyle we live now...going everywhere, seeing everybody, and doing everything! We love it!! This home is a smaller home, and our children won't be able to go to school with the neighborhood kids. I guess we could look at it as them having 2 sets of friends!

We really do keep going back & forth on which one we want...and which one we may want to put an offer on. We keep looking at others, but continue to think about these 2. Today I got to the "I don't care, I just want to have a home with you" phase. It's time to turn it over to God. I was hoping the decision would be easier, and I would just be able to accept that something didn't work out.

So many different things keep ringing in my head. "The perfect house" "Our dream house" "Great starter home" "Just the 2 of us" "Get exactly what we want" I just feel deflated & sick by the big grown up decision this is! Why isn't it easier? I want to go back to that pink & white bedroom where I only played house and school...where I was paid with Monopoly money & wrote "checks" for things like a new corvette or clothes for my dolls.

January 22, 2011

Out with the old....

Today Ryan, Ryder, and I are spending our last night together at Ryan's apartment...

He will soon be moving out, and living with Mom & Dad one last time! We're looking forward to home cooked meals. ;) And Ryder's looking forward to play time with Mimis!

So we spent the days packing up his apartment, and making the process a little easier by leaving things for Justin. :) I got to organize the closet! It was fun to not even have to ask him which clothes we could give away then I put the keepers in color order on all matching hangers...Ryan just sat back & watched me coordinate his socks & put them in a moveable set of drawers to take to his parents house. It's ok...he cooked me dinner!

The house hunt is lookin good, but we're still trying to being patient & not get our hopes too high up. We know that when it's meant to be God will put us in the perfect house for us! We're just ready to start our lives together!!

So this weekend has been spent packing, organizing, and reminiscing...

I met with Linda at the Wedding Chapel this morning which built my wedding excitement! There were decisions to be made that made it feel so much more real than it has since it's getting closer...

It's difficult for me to write this post without mentioning a wonderful, beautiful woman who passed away this morning: Ryan's Great Grandmother, Moos. She was 97 years old, and it has been a blessing to know her the past year and a half...I was not fortunate enough to know my great grandparents so I thank Ryan and the Thomas family for inviting me into their family so that I could know such a marvelous woman!

We miss you Moos!...and will think of you every time we say grace at dinner. ;)

January 18, 2011

Oooo! I love that one!! Oooo!! This is my favorite one!!!


Sooo...Ryan has been excitingly looking at houses...I kept telling him to just wait until we knew exactly what we were going to do.

It's funny because I'm finding that exactly what I thought I DIDN'T want is what I looove!

We had a lot of fun. We went to look at 4 houses...

1 questionable one...the activity that goes on in this house still remains questionable...we can cross  that one out!

2 in a subdivision that has a lot of young 1st time home buyers. We loved the first one we saw there! Then....we went to the 1 that's across the street from my mom's cousin (BONUS!) aaaand we loooved that one so much more!!

So now I'm the one that's super excited, and can't be patient about this! I absolutely love that house, and can totally see us raising a family there!

Oh yeah...and the last & final was a home built in 1976 that had been completely re-done! It was very pretty! Only thing can re do a house to make it all nice & pretty inside, but you can't really make the rooms bigger...Ryan feels this one would be too small for us.

Anyway, it's all gotten real exciting!!

Wedding Schmedding! I'm ready for House Schmouse!

January 17, 2011

File:Save As:Final Guest List!!


Nobody said it would be easy...but nobody said it would be this hard!

The hardest part about wedding planning has been the GUEST LIST! aaahh!! It's incredibly difficult to decide who gets invited and who doesn't when you have a venue that holds 150 people. BTW: yes, a smaller venue, but so cute!! Ryan and I walked in & knew it was exactly where we wanted to get married & celebrate!

When I shared with a couple of people who have recently gotten married they were in agreeance with me...why didn't they tell me?!'s done so pretty soon I'll be sending out Save the Dates!

My first meeting with the chapel is this Saturday. We'll be planning the entire reception. I will be even more relieved once that's all done...I'm excited to begin the latter part of wedding planning!

January 16, 2011

New Year's Resolution


When Ryan and I first started talking on Facebook he "stalked" and found the link to my blog...The Born Curriculum. He enjoyed reading it, but as my life got more interesting with dating him I found less time to blog.

Ryan had expressed to me how he missed reading my posts, and thought it would be fun for me to blog about "us" like my BFF does!

I chose to make it my New Year's Resolution to blog about our lives....

We got engaged May 29, 2010. Our lives basically consist of wedding planning, finding a home, and date at the same time. Until we are The Thomases (I'm a teacher...don't question's right!) we are The All American Couple...we were given that title by a manager of a bar/restraunt when he figured out from conversation that I am a teacher & Ryan is a firefighter...I do have to's a pretty picture perfect match! ;)

 So I hope you look forward to reading about our lives together!