October 18, 2013

The Perfect Day!!

Oh happy day!! Today was a wonderful day! Yes...most of our days do technically start at midnight since P usually wakes then to eat. 

But this oh happy day...I woke at 3 AM to a sound asleep baby who had not woken up yet! I had to go check on her to make sure she was ok! She was...and alwpt until 5! Which is awesome! From 8 PM - 5 AM...little miss slept through the night!! Monumental day as her daddy would say. 

It could be because she's pretty much choosing not to nap much during the day, but I'll take it!! The night before she only woke up once so fingers crossed, and prayers being said that we're onto a new good trend!! 

So I woke up to a happy rested baby who woke up to a happy rested mommy! The morning at school was wonderful! The afternoon was crazy, busy with our weekly Science Lab trip and Popcorn Party that we won. It was a fun day!!! We even danced to Just Dance videos! Without going through too many days it was a wonderful day and lots was accomplished!!

When we got home P was quite sleepy from not napping hardly at all today so she nursed, and we both took a little cat nap. 

Our evening was complete with a family trip to Chiloso! P was so well behaved, and had so much fun!! She had so much fun in fact that she was so sad when we left that she SCREAMED the whole way home. 

PJs and bottles and we're hoping for another STTN! Tomorrow is a big day with a trip to the Pumpkin Patch with Nonna! 

And what blog is complete without never before seen pictures?!

Oh and how could I forget?!?! P says mama!! She's been saying baba, but I could've sworn I've been hearing mama. I thought maybe it was just wishful ears. But her sitter mentioned that she's been saying mama! Music to my ears!! 

I'll give a prize to whomever can tell how many !! I used!! Seriously...wonderful end to my week! 

October 17, 2013

Verse of the Week

I know I haven't posted since the last verse of the week, but I didn't just want to post out of routine....I wanted the verses that spoke to me, and had meaning in my life at that given time. 

So I leave you with this verse...

And maybe it reminds you of something too, and will speak to you like it has to me...

In Him 

October 7, 2013

6 Month Well Visit

Well I just couldn't wait to post about P's 6th month so I went ahead and did without including the deets of our doctors visit. But here they are! 

P weighed in at a wimping 15.1 lbs. more than doubles her birth weight, and puts her in the 27th percentile for weight. 

She measured 25.5 inches. Over 2 feet tall. But not tall enough to ride rides at the fair! :) 

And her big ol' noggin was in the 69th percentile. I believe her head is so big because she's so smart! I'm already convinced she's gifted with the advancements she's made in her development. :) but I am her mom so I'm a little biased! 

Sweet P had to get 4 shots! :( and 1 oral vaccine. 1 of the shots was the flu shot so we go back in a couple weeks for the 2nd round of it. 

I usually pump at 3 o'clock, but with P's appointment at 3:45 I wanted to be nice and full in order to nurse right after shots to soothe her. It worked for a little bit then she just wanted out of that room! 

The aftermath of these shots was the worst. She was super fussy and woke up screaming for a couple nights after. She did however sleep ALL NIGHT the night of the shots. That was nice! 

All in all she's big and strong and there's no worries here. Dr. Drake was very pleased with how she was doing. We just love our pediatrician! 

Cheers! Xoxoxo 

Oh and of course more never before seen photos! Oh how I love my sweet P! 

October 2, 2013

Letters to Prestyn Part V

Dear Prestyn, 

I have a few requests: 

1. I am so thankful for your mobility now. But if you could sit still for a diaper change that'd be awesome! I don't even mind if you wiggle while I dress you but it's very hard to get a diaper on you the right way when you're trying to crawl off the changing table. I know you think it's quite funny. Then I laugh because I love your laugh, but seriously girl...

2. I love snuggling with you at 7, 10, midnight, and 4 am, but...Could you please go back to only waking up once during the night? Then maybe eventually drop that one time and sleep through the night? As you've experienced on the handful of times you have slept through the night sleep is a glorious thing! You might even like Mommy more if she's more rested. Thank you sweet girl. 

3. I love your 2 bottom teeth. They're so cute when you smile and laugh. And it's great now that you're using them to bite mum mums and puffs...but please don't use those 2 teeth to bite Mommy when you're nursing. It hurts very bad. When you have a baby one day you'll understand...I love you! 

Thank you for reading and following through with my requests. Oh and a blog isn't complete without never before seen photos of you! 

Cheers! Xoxo!