January 30, 2011

"We'll register for it!"

Pretty much our saying these days...we see something we like, and think "we'll register for it!"

We decided early on that we didn't want to register for china or fine silver. So I knew I wanted to register at Pottery Barn for every day dishes & flatware. Ryan wanted to register at Bed, Bath, & Beyond so we did those 2 early on. Recently, after talking to a few people, who will be guests at our wedding, we decided to register at Target as well.

Ryan was confused what we had left to register for, but I explained to him that we needed to give people options on where to go & what to buy! I don't know why anybody wouldn't WANT to buy from Pottery Barn or Bed, Bath, and Beyond & use a coupon! But I guess most people shop at Target (like we do) so we have things on a list there for when they're out getting things for their own home.

So I guess for the most part we've completed our registration process. I still get online from time to time to maybe add or take away a few things. It's been fun! I let Ryan scan this wine painting at BB&B...the least he could have done was let me scan the Justin Bieber poster at Target!! ;)

You may look at our registry, and think we got a little carried away. I don't care! It was fun! And we may or may not get things that we scanned, but it's fun to make a wish list. :)

It was easier to choose things at Target with one of our house choices in mind. :) Speaking of...we went looking again today...we'll just need to keep praying. We are so excited though!

Mom and I spent some good time together this weekend working on things for the wedding. We decided on flowers, and centerpieces. It was fun shopping around for everything! I'm glad to have her creative eye! It's all getting so close...I'm getting so excited & giddy! We can't wait for the big day!!

January 27, 2011

Stuck between a Rock & a City

Rockwall & Royse City that is...

Today we went to get a second look at the house in Fate that we cannot stop talking about! After today we're not as sold on it as we were before...this home is a foreclosure so questions we have about the flooring can only be answered by the previous owners or bank. We're hoping the bank that now owns it will be able to help us out with giving us more information on the stained concrete...

This Fate house is on the "Rockwall" side of the subdivision which means our children would go to a Rockwall ISD school. Which they can do regardless since I work in a Rockwall ISD school, but I really want them to go to school with the same children from their neighborhood.

We're stuck on this one, and keep going back & forth on what the bank responds with. If they can give us what we want then the home would be perfect AND affordable BUT...

There's the house on the "Royse City" side of the same subdivision. We absolutely love this house too. A plus is it's even more affordable than the other which will allow us to live more of the lifestyle we live now...going everywhere, seeing everybody, and doing everything! We love it!! This home is a smaller home, and our children won't be able to go to school with the neighborhood kids. I guess we could look at it as them having 2 sets of friends!

We really do keep going back & forth on which one we want...and which one we may want to put an offer on. We keep looking at others, but continue to think about these 2. Today I got to the "I don't care, I just want to have a home with you" phase. It's time to turn it over to God. I was hoping the decision would be easier, and I would just be able to accept that something didn't work out.

So many different things keep ringing in my head. "The perfect house" "Our dream house" "Great starter home" "Just the 2 of us" "Get exactly what we want" I just feel deflated & sick by the big grown up decision this is! Why isn't it easier? I want to go back to that pink & white bedroom where I only played house and school...where I was paid with Monopoly money & wrote "checks" for things like a new corvette or clothes for my dolls.

January 22, 2011

Out with the old....

Today Ryan, Ryder, and I are spending our last night together at Ryan's apartment...

He will soon be moving out, and living with Mom & Dad one last time! We're looking forward to home cooked meals. ;) And Ryder's looking forward to play time with Mimis!

So we spent the days packing up his apartment, and making the process a little easier by leaving things for Justin. :) I got to organize the closet! It was fun to not even have to ask him which clothes we could give away then I put the keepers in color order on all matching hangers...Ryan just sat back & watched me coordinate his socks & put them in a moveable set of drawers to take to his parents house. It's ok...he cooked me dinner!

The house hunt is lookin good, but we're still trying to being patient & not get our hopes too high up. We know that when it's meant to be God will put us in the perfect house for us! We're just ready to start our lives together!!

So this weekend has been spent packing, organizing, and reminiscing...

I met with Linda at the Wedding Chapel this morning which built my wedding excitement! There were decisions to be made that made it feel so much more real than it has since it's getting closer...

It's difficult for me to write this post without mentioning a wonderful, beautiful woman who passed away this morning: Ryan's Great Grandmother, Moos. She was 97 years old, and it has been a blessing to know her the past year and a half...I was not fortunate enough to know my great grandparents so I thank Ryan and the Thomas family for inviting me into their family so that I could know such a marvelous woman!

We miss you Moos!...and will think of you every time we say grace at dinner. ;)

January 18, 2011

Oooo! I love that one!! Oooo!! This is my favorite one!!!


Sooo...Ryan has been excitingly looking at houses...I kept telling him to just wait until we knew exactly what we were going to do.

It's funny because I'm finding that exactly what I thought I DIDN'T want is what I looove!

We had a lot of fun. We went to look at 4 houses...

1 questionable one...the activity that goes on in this house still remains questionable...we can cross  that one out!

2 in a subdivision that has a lot of young 1st time home buyers. We loved the first one we saw there! Then....we went to the 1 that's across the street from my mom's cousin (BONUS!) aaaand we loooved that one so much more!!

So now I'm the one that's super excited, and can't be patient about this! I absolutely love that house, and can totally see us raising a family there!

Oh yeah...and the last & final one...it was a home built in 1976 that had been completely re-done! It was very pretty! Only thing is...you can re do a house to make it all nice & pretty inside, but you can't really make the rooms bigger...Ryan feels this one would be too small for us.

Anyway, it's all gotten real exciting!!

Wedding Schmedding! I'm ready for House Schmouse!

January 17, 2011

File:Save As:Final Guest List!!


Nobody said it would be easy...but nobody said it would be this hard!

The hardest part about wedding planning has been the GUEST LIST! aaahh!! It's incredibly difficult to decide who gets invited and who doesn't when you have a venue that holds 150 people. BTW: yes, a smaller venue, but so cute!! Ryan and I walked in & knew it was exactly where we wanted to get married & celebrate!

When I shared with a couple of people who have recently gotten married they were in agreeance with me...why didn't they tell me?!

Anyway...it's done so pretty soon I'll be sending out Save the Dates!

My first meeting with the chapel is this Saturday. We'll be planning the entire reception. I will be even more relieved once that's all done...I'm excited to begin the latter part of wedding planning!

January 16, 2011

New Year's Resolution


When Ryan and I first started talking on Facebook he "stalked" and found the link to my blog...The Born Curriculum. He enjoyed reading it, but as my life got more interesting with dating him I found less time to blog.

Ryan had expressed to me how he missed reading my posts, and thought it would be fun for me to blog about "us" like my BFF does!

I chose to make it my New Year's Resolution to blog about our lives....

We got engaged May 29, 2010. Our lives basically consist of wedding planning, finding a home, and date at the same time. Until we are The Thomases (I'm a teacher...don't question it...it's right!) we are The All American Couple...we were given that title by a manager of a bar/restraunt when he figured out from conversation that I am a teacher & Ryan is a firefighter...I do have to say...it's a pretty picture perfect match! ;)

 So I hope you look forward to reading about our lives together!