January 17, 2011

File:Save As:Final Guest List!!


Nobody said it would be easy...but nobody said it would be this hard!

The hardest part about wedding planning has been the GUEST LIST! aaahh!! It's incredibly difficult to decide who gets invited and who doesn't when you have a venue that holds 150 people. BTW: yes, a smaller venue, but so cute!! Ryan and I walked in & knew it was exactly where we wanted to get married & celebrate!

When I shared with a couple of people who have recently gotten married they were in agreeance with me...why didn't they tell me?!

Anyway...it's done so pretty soon I'll be sending out Save the Dates!

My first meeting with the chapel is this Saturday. We'll be planning the entire reception. I will be even more relieved once that's all done...I'm excited to begin the latter part of wedding planning!

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