January 30, 2011

"We'll register for it!"

Pretty much our saying these days...we see something we like, and think "we'll register for it!"

We decided early on that we didn't want to register for china or fine silver. So I knew I wanted to register at Pottery Barn for every day dishes & flatware. Ryan wanted to register at Bed, Bath, & Beyond so we did those 2 early on. Recently, after talking to a few people, who will be guests at our wedding, we decided to register at Target as well.

Ryan was confused what we had left to register for, but I explained to him that we needed to give people options on where to go & what to buy! I don't know why anybody wouldn't WANT to buy from Pottery Barn or Bed, Bath, and Beyond & use a coupon! But I guess most people shop at Target (like we do) so we have things on a list there for when they're out getting things for their own home.

So I guess for the most part we've completed our registration process. I still get online from time to time to maybe add or take away a few things. It's been fun! I let Ryan scan this wine painting at BB&B...the least he could have done was let me scan the Justin Bieber poster at Target!! ;)

You may look at our registry, and think we got a little carried away. I don't care! It was fun! And we may or may not get things that we scanned, but it's fun to make a wish list. :)

It was easier to choose things at Target with one of our house choices in mind. :) Speaking of...we went looking again today...we'll just need to keep praying. We are so excited though!

Mom and I spent some good time together this weekend working on things for the wedding. We decided on flowers, and centerpieces. It was fun shopping around for everything! I'm glad to have her creative eye! It's all getting so close...I'm getting so excited & giddy! We can't wait for the big day!!

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