January 16, 2011

New Year's Resolution


When Ryan and I first started talking on Facebook he "stalked" and found the link to my blog...The Born Curriculum. He enjoyed reading it, but as my life got more interesting with dating him I found less time to blog.

Ryan had expressed to me how he missed reading my posts, and thought it would be fun for me to blog about "us" like my BFF does!

I chose to make it my New Year's Resolution to blog about our lives....

We got engaged May 29, 2010. Our lives basically consist of wedding planning, finding a home, and date at the same time. Until we are The Thomases (I'm a teacher...don't question it...it's right!) we are The All American Couple...we were given that title by a manager of a bar/restraunt when he figured out from conversation that I am a teacher & Ryan is a firefighter...I do have to say...it's a pretty picture perfect match! ;)

 So I hope you look forward to reading about our lives together!

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