September 28, 2014

What will Baby 2 be?!

We find out Wednesday! We'll be sharing with our families on Saturday before we spread the word. 

We had a fabulous weekend with BFF celebrating the gender reveal of her baby...a boy! I'll be blogging about that too. :) 

I thought it'd be fun to see what all the wives tales say I'm having! 

Old Wives Tale #1: Heart Rate 
If the baby’s heart rate is above 140 bpm, it is said that the baby will be a girl. If it is under 140 bpm, then it will be a boy. (First time we heard the babies heartbeat it was at 153 bpm) Prediction outcome: GIRL

Old Wives Tale #2: Shape of Belly
If you are carrying high with a big, round belly, you are having a girl. If you are carrying low with a smaller belly that sticks straight out, it’s a boy. (I seem to definitely be BIG AND ROUND lol) Prediction outcome: GIRL

Old Wives Tale #3: Ring Test
Using a string, hang your wedding ring over your pregnant belly. You are having a girl if the ring swings back and forth and it’s a boy if it swings in a circle. Prediction outcome: BOY

Old Wives Tale #4: Acne
If you have acne while pregnant, it’s a girl. It’s thought that acne during pregnancy is caused by the extra hormones. Prediction outcome: BOY

Old Wives Tale #5: Cravings
People believe that if you are craving salty foods while pregnant, you can count on having a boy. If you crave sweets, fruit, and orange juice, you are having a little girl. (definitely been eating the fruits and sweets. Just about the only thing I WILL eat!) Prediction outcome: GIRL

Old Wives Tale #6: Skin under Left Eye
The eye test is when a “V” or “branches” appear when you pull down the skin under your left eye. If you see a “V” or “branches” in the white part, you’re having a girl. I don't see anything. But I'm also not sure what to look for.  Prediction outcome: Boy

Old Wives Tale #7: Time of Conception
The person that is most aggressive in bed at the time of conception is the opposite of what the baby will be. Confusing and personal!  Prediction outcome: INCONCLUSIVE

Old Wives Tale #8: Legs
If your legs get really big, you’re having a boy. If your legs stay in shape and lean, it’s a girl. I don't know about my legs but my hips sure are spreading...again Prediction outcome: BOY

Old Wives Tale #9: Moodiness and a Little Pecker (this one is odd, but funny)
If you are really moody, you are having a girl since you have another extra girl hormones in you. Your pregnancy will make you smile and be more happy if you are having a boy because there’s a little penis inside you. (Well... I'm just gonna give my prediction as I'm sure most of you know how I'm feeling these days) Prediction outcome: GIRL

Old Wives Tale #10: Chinese Gender Chart
The Chinese Gender Chart claims to have an accuracy rate of over 90%. It is based on how old the mother is at conception and the month that she conceived. Prediction outcome: GIRL

Old Wives Tale #11: Mom’s Beauty
Basically you are having a girl if your beauty disappears during pregnancy. It is said that the girl “steals” the mother’s beauty. If you think that pregnancy has never made you look more beautiful, a little boy it is. (well... this is bias as my only comparison are friends and family and they lie I'm sure saying I look beautiful... liars lol. but in my opinion, I have definitely looked better!) Prediction outcome: GIRL

Old Wives Tale #12: Dream of Sex of Baby
If you have dreams that you are having a boy, you will have a girl. If you dream about having a girl, it will be a boy. Dreams show the opposite of what you are having. I haven't dreamed about this baby yet. :( Prediction outcome: INCONCLUSIVE 

Old Wives Tale #13: Clumsy vs. Graceful
If the pregnant woman is graceful throughout her pregnancy, she’s having a girl. If she becomes clumsy, she’s having a boy. (I'm pretty clumsy, have yet to fall but I'm running into things all the time) Prediction outcome: BOY

Old Wives Tale #14: Side You Most Rest On
If a pregnant woman prefers to lay on her left side, she’s having a boy. If she prefers resting on her right side, she’s having a girl. This is weird because I usually prefer my left but the right has been more comfortable. Prediction outcome: INCONCLUSIVE 

Old Wives Tale #15: Dad’s Weight Gain
If the dad-to-be gains weight while you are pregnant, it’s a girl. If he doesn’t gain weight, you’re having a boy. Prediction outcome: GIRL

Old Wives Tale #16: Breast Test
If a pregnant woman’s left breast is larger than the right breast, she’s having a girl. If the right breast is larger, it’s a boy.  Prediction outcome: GIRL

Old Wives Tale #17: What Do You Think?
71% of the time, the mom-to-be knows what she is having. This varies day to day. Today... Prediction outcome: GIRL 

Old Wives Tale #18: Morning Sickness
If you had a smooth pregnancy with no morning sickness, it’s a boy. If you were sick or felt really nauseous during your pregnancy, count on a girl. (Oh yea, I've been sick. it sucks.) Prediction outcome: GIRL

Old Wives Tale #19: Areolae
If your areolae (the part around your nips) have darkened, it’s a boy. If they haven't, its a girl. Prediction outcome: GIRL

Old Wives Tale #20: Protein
When a pregnant woman craves meat and cheese, count on a boy. Those are 2 things I do not want!!!  Prediction outcome: GIRL

Old Wives Tale #21: Feet
Are your feet colder now that you are pregnant? If so, you just might be having a boy. If your feet have stayed the same before pregnancy and during, you’re having a little girl. Prediction outcome: BOY

Old Wives Tale #22: Headaches
If you are having headaches, you might be carrying a boy. Prediction outcome: BOY

Old Wives Tale #23: Baby Names
It is said that when you can only think of specific names for a boy or a girl, you will have that particularly baby. Prediction outcome: BOY

Old Wives Tale #24: Urine
What color is your pee? If it is bright yellow, you will have a little boy. If your urine is a dull yellow, plan on a girl. Prediction outcome: GIRL


September 25, 2014

ABCs of Summer...T, U, V Day

I feel like an awful mother to my first born. When we got back from LaVernia is when I found out I was pregnant. I was always tired before I knew, but fought through it...once I knew that I was so tired was because I was pregnant I napped when P did, and didn't go to bed too long after she did. Therefore I stopped blogging. I feel like I owe it to P to finish blogging about our ABCs of Summer days! 

But because it's been so long, and I have tons to blog about I thought I'd combine some days! 

So T day was going to be a target trip day to get a pregnancy test because I felt like I could've been pregnant. I decided to do that the day before when P was at the sitter! 

So instead T day was a trip to the Teacher Store! Since we missed the big sale day I had to go to get stuff to get going on my classroom! P was very helpful pushing the cart, and putting things in the cart. She got mad when we had to stop pushing the cart to pay, and threw all her goldfish on the ground. She did not help clean those up. Thankful there were sweet girls behind me who helped. :) 

U is for underwater! Another day at the pool! P loves the pool! This was a swim lesson day too. P is done with those now since summer is over and she's started dance. Anyway, we went to the community pool. She always has so much fun there, and still says pool! Everything we drive by it. 

V is for Victory?! Or at least that was my goal for this day. P was in a size 3 shoe FOREVER! She was outgrowing then so it was time to find some size 4s! We went to 5 different shoe stores this day. There was no victory! I ended up ordering some sperrys from Amazon that are totes adorbs so victory there! Oh and I got free shipping thanks to Amy letting me use her prime account! 

And that's all. Boring I know but I'm sure P will appreciate this some day. 

Um I can't blog without a picture. T is for tbt? It's not Thursday. T is for Tech. We're on our way there now.