April 30, 2015

Adventures with Mommy Part 2

Well, well, well, here we are again. Another day of just the 3 of us. There have been other blog worthy days but since I'm all caught up with publishing I thought I'd start with today. 

I wasn't sure if today would be blog worthy until after we dropped Prestyn off at Mrs. Amber's. Let me warn you, the details coming up may make you sick. They made me sick but that's what makes this blog worthy! 

So I get back in the car after dropping Prestyn off. We do our little turn around in the culdesac and I say "are you ready to go to run out errands Pierce?!" And he says, "bleeeeeeh bleeeeh blaaaaah" throw up! EVERYWHERE! Not just a little spit up. Straight up throw up. I parked the car in the middle of the culdesac to quickly jump out and check on him. I assessed the damage and decided we needed to go inside Mrs. Amber's house. 

I get him out and he's COVERED in formula vomit. Bleck! I took his onesie off and cleaned it in Mrs. Ambers sink then got him wiped down and dressed in a new onesie. I had to pass him off to mrs. Amber while I cleaned the car seat. That's when I almost lost it. Bleck. This was worse than Prestyn's cheese vomit from a few weeks ago. 

Thankfully this didn't happen anymore during the day, and let's pray it NEVER happens again. So what do we do?! Go run our errands of course! Target trip that Pierce slept through then to Tom Thumb. This is when it hit him that hey! I just lost pretty much everything in my tummy and I'm STARVING now! Feed me! NOW! 

So the drive home was...loud. But once we got home he was happy to eat. Then a bath was in order of course! Pierce then took his nap while I tried to do EVERYTHING. Haha. We were on a schedule today so there was lots to get done! 

Once he woke up and ate we were off again! We got Sister and headed to Rowlett for Nana's retirement party. Technically she's not MY nana but really she was a nana to everybody. Her time in the classroom will surely be missed but I'm happy for her to enjoy her time with Grandad! 

There's no way I would've gone if I knew I didn't have help. My friend joann happily obliged and Prestyn was thrilled. Michelle and Kam stepped in to help too once we see there. They sugared Prestyn up with cake, candy, and punch. It was great to see a lot of my old coworkers and show off my pride-our children. 

Prestyn as anxious to leave though because she was ready to see her Gee!! My dad is in town for the weekend so we got to spend some time with him and Nonna this evening. 

The day turned out pretty good given how it started. I think I'm getting the hang of this. Oh and this is the picture of me I sent joann asking her if I could wear my be uniform to the party. If it wasn't for the vomit that ended up on my shirt in at have with this! 

P.S. I love motherhood. 

April 29, 2015

Pierce's Birth Story

When I found out my due date was March 27th (a Friday) I knew I wanted my c section scheduled for then. Prestyn's birth ended up being a c section, and even though my doctor supports a vbac we decided I would have a repeat c section.

Elective c sections are usually done at 39 weeks so you don't go into labor before but I really feel like much of Prestyn's development is due to the fact that she was born at 41 weeks. I certainly didn't want to go that long again but I wanted to go up to the due date. Which worked out since it was a Friday! 

I worked up until 2 days before giving birth. I thought because it was planned that he'd decide to come early but no way! He knew momma had it all planned out! 

The day before Pierce's birthday we made sure we had everything ready. I got a manicure and pedicure and lots of rest! Gammies and Paw Paw came over to keep Prestyn here in our home. I cried. It was hard leaving my baby knowing the next time I saw her I'd have a new baby!!

Ryan and I decided to stay at the hotel at the hospital the night before since we had to check in for surgery at 5:30 am! Once we got checked in we enjoyed a nice big dinner at Chuy's! 

We didn't get much sleep that night I don't know if it was nerves or excitement or the fact that we weren't in our own bed. 😊 morning could not come soon enough! We got up and ready around 4!

Checking into the hospital this time was no different than last time. I knew we'd be leaving with a baby. Our room however was much different. This room was not set up for a vaginal delivery nor was there room for many people. This room was for prepping patients for surgery!  

This time was quite different than last time. The nurse came in and began prepping me for surgery. I was really nervous. I was comforted to have a nurse I had last time and the CRNA I had last time! 

I had been sick with head congestion and still wasn't feeling well this morning. Even though I was on antibiotics it didn't fix it! The CRNA gave me some sort of saline concoction that cleared me right up! 

I was sure to tell everybody how nervous I was so they'd take good care of me. They do that anyway there but I needed them to know! The anesthesiologist did a fabulous job! I hardly felt a thing and the epidural was given evenly. 

I was also sure to tell them how sick I got last time to hopefully prevent getting sick this time. They gave me a couple shots of the anti nausea medicine and I was good to go! 

I was comforted to see my doctor once we got to the operating room. Still nervous though but everybody did such a good job of calming my nerves. 

Before they began surgery they were cleaning me up and I couldn't feel it but I could see it! Up in the light above me I could see my belly which totally freaked me out that I'd be able to see the surfer but they moved the light and put the curtain up so it was ok. 

That same CRNA sat by my head and told me everything that I would feel and what was happening. You don't actually feel cutting but you do feel tugging.

There was a part during the surgery that I looked up and could see myself cut open in the light. I quickly told them and they quickly turned the light! 

At 7:48 am I heard the most glorious sound. Pierce's cry! A rush of emotions came over me and I bawled! I couldn't believe our little boy was here!! And he was perfect!! Ryan gave me a kiss then went to check on him. 

As soon as the doctors pulled him out they said "he's a chunk!" And "look at all that hair!" Chunk was right! He weighed 8 lbs 3 oz! And he was 20 inches long. And yes he did have a full head of dark hair!!

I got to hold him and love on him there in the operating room. Once they finished putting me all back together and sewing me up (which felt like FOREVER!) we went back to the room we started in for recovery. 

We were in recovery for 2 hours. I got to oooo and aaaaa and love all over my little boy. We got some good skin to skin time and began trying to breastfeed. Which is a whole other story I already blogged about. Still that time together was precious. I didn't get that with Prestyn so this was new and truly special. 

I am so in love with this little boy.


Adventures with Mommy Part 1

I'm not sure if this will be a "thing" or not but I'm sure it will be! I took this picture this morning before I ventured out with both kids alone, and was just going to post with a caption. As the morning and day carried on I knew it was much more blog worthy!

So this was me this morning. Before exiting the neighborhood I thought, we did it! We left the house on time with both kids in tact and happy! 

With my husbands schedule we are just the 3 of us every 3rd day. When he went back to work I had my mom to help. The next time I took Prestyn to my mom's for a little bit. The time after that I was all alone and it was tough! Although the neighbors did come over to play, and dinner was brought over which really helped! But this time I had a full day planned and I needed reinforcements! 

Our plan was to go to dance the go to Ryan's work and go to the Wild West Watauga Fest. Sounds simple enough. Preparation began the night before. I packed a suitcase for Prestyn since she would be spending the night at Gammies. I also packed her dance bag with clothes to change into after dance. Then I had to pack Pierce's bag with bottles prepared since he's no longer drinking straight from the tap. I also hafts pack my pump so I could make milk from the tap while we were out all day! 

When Pierce got up to eat around 6 I stayed up so I could get myself ready and him ready. Then it was time to wake Prestyn up so she could have breakfast and get ready for dance. In order to get her hair fixed she had cake for breakfast. Sometimes it's whatever works! 

We were miraculously out the door by 9 am which meant we were on time! As we pulled out of the garage I realized I had not eaten anything so I ran back inside to grab a granola bar and pack of almonds! 

And we're off! I thought wow! We did it! My hands were shaky though. Probably nerves and the fact that I was running one cup of coffee. We get to dance and I realize just how nervous I am when I begin sweating then notice the one thing i forgot was deodorant!! Woops! MIL to the rescue though! She brought me some to the fire station! 

We made it to dance on time! Prestyn did fabulous. Pierce had to eat while we were there. Go figure. He eats all the time. Haha. I got Prestyn changed and ready to go to daddy's work! But before taking off I got hooked up to pump on the way! 

Remember how I only had a cup of coffee?! So while I'm pumping we went through the whataburger drive thru so I could get a water! I'm sure they wondered what I was doing but a moms gotta do what a moms gotta do! 

On the way to Watauga I kept seeing the drive now text later signs. I thought I wonder what they would say about pumping and driving! 

The drive to Watauga was quiet and smooth. Prestyn played on the iPad and Pierce slept! We got to the fire station just in time to meet Gammies, Nanny, and Justi! 

We spent some time at the station. Got the babies' diapers changed and fed! Then we were off to Wild West Watauga Fest! We immediately ran into a carousel ride and train ride! Prestyn rode the train with Justi. She looked scared but she had fun! We walked around to see what kinds of arts and crafts were being sold and saw all of the typical carnival games. Sweet Justi played a game to win P a minion. She loves "Pickle Me" (Despicable Me). 

Prestyn needed to eat lunch but she was not interested in eating at all! She loved observing everything! She picked Justi to ride the carousel with her on the way out. There were tears when we left but she was quickly happy to know that she would soon be seeing Mimis and Anca (Mia and Bianca-Gammies & Paw Paw's dogs). 

We had a yummy lunch in Watauga, and lots of fun with the babies. Good thing I packed an extra shirt for Pierce since tee tee leaked out of his diaper. Next time I need to pack a shirt for me too! 😜

Prestyn got to go home with Gammies, Justi, and Nanny to spend the night. She had a blast, and had no trouble telling me bye! Pierce and I drove back to Fate. He cried the 1st 10 minutes but then slept the rest of the trip!! 

It was a good day! And we all survived!


April 16, 2015

Prestyn's 2nd Birthday

Well...this took place almost a month ago, and since then things have not settled down! 

With Prestyn's birthday on the 21st of March and Pierce's on the 27th I decided to have her party a week early. Which was the Saturday after Spring Break. 

I had everything planned and ready to go! Then...Prestyn got sick. First she got pink eye. Then a viral infection with high fever that would not stay down! The night before her party we made the call to cancel the party since her temperature was 103! 

I think we went to the doctor 2 or 3 times this week, and with our wonderful insurance (sarcasm) and medicines it was all very costly! Thankfully there were some things for the party I had not paid for yet so seeing the silver lining we saved a lot of money that went to medical expenses. Ha. 

Another silver lining...she was sick over spring break so I didn't have to take off work. We had 1 good day of clear eyes and no fever so we went to the park! We all had fun but that was about all we got to do this spring break. 

Ryan had to work on Prestyn's real birthday. She was feeling well so we took a trip to her favorite store...popcorn target!! And she got her favorite lunch...chick fil a! 

Thankfully this is an age where she didn't really know much difference. I still felt bad though. More silver lining...seems like every time we saw somebody after her birthday she got a present which she loved! 

At her 2 year well visit she got shots and didn't even cry! She was ready for the sucker at the end! I don't remember her stars exactly but I do know she shot up in height. She's in the 50sth percentile for weight and height and that big ol noggin is still in the 80sth percentile. No wonder she's so smart! 

She's doing fabulously developmentally! Her pedi asked if she knew 30 words. Oh yeah! And if she puts words together to make sentences! Oh yes! This girl is my little smarty pants! 

The 2s aren't so bad. We have some meltdowns and whining but we're usually able to talk her or have her talk through it. 

It's really a fun age!! I enjoy playing with her and watching her play with friends. She grew up fast as a 2 year old since 6 days later she became a big sister! 

We are so so so proud of our sweet P and can't wait to see her continue to grow!! 

April 13, 2015

Our Breastfeeding Journey

For those keeping up here's where Pierce and I stand with breastfeeding. After my last post we took Pierce to the doctor to have his weight checked, and talk about what we've been doing. 

At that appointment Pierce had gained weight! Yay! We talked about continuing to supplement after feedings with formula or pumped milk. ...then...the air kicked on and I thought WOW, it's really cold in here! So cold that I was trembling and shaking uncontrollably! 

...that was not because the air had kicked on. I had a sore spot that I thought was a clogged duct, but when we left the doctor I started feeling really faint. Thankfully my doctor was right there so I popped in to see her. She knew immediately that what I was experiencing was mastitis. My temperature got up to 103 which explained the chills. She quickly gave me some meds for the pain and fever then called in antibiotics.  

The best thing for mastitis besides antibiotics is to nurse! So that I did! And because I have a baby that likes to nurse every hour I didn't get much rest which is not good for mastitis! 

Anyway! Enough about me. We knew there was a problem but weren't sure what it was exactly so until we could figure that out I would nurse then about an hour later Pierce would take some formula then I'd nurse again an hour later and he'd get formula an hour after that. 

Sounds exhausting doesn't it?!! It was!! So I set up an appointment with a local lactaton consultant that I'd like to say I'm friends with! She helped me with Prestyn and her daughters are super sweet girls that I've gotten to know! 

I just realized how lengthy this is getting but I'll continue! She weighed Pierce...7.15! Yay! I nursed him on one side for about 20 minutes. As I nursed him we talked about the trouble I've been having. She weighed him again...8.02. Or something like that. Not much gain but some!! But when we unlatched him she noticed how flat he made my nipple look. Not good! She looked at his tongue...and as we expected...a posterior tongue tie looked like the verdict. 

We would of course need this looked at my somebody who specialized in this, but I fully trust the LC's professionally opinion! 

So I went home and shared this with Ryan. He was such a good listener. He said with the wonderful insurance we have (sarcasm) it would be very costly to have Pierce's tongue tie lasered. Suprisingly I didn't cry during this conversation. He then suggested that I try just pumping. This way Pierce still gets bresstmilk and I still keep my sanity. For now...we'll see how long exclusively pumping lasts! 

I am giving my baby 100%! I'm doing all that I can. I'm drinking tons of water, mothers milk tea, Ryan's getting me fenugreek, I'm eating lots of good calories, and pumping often! 

So for now Pierce gets 3 oz of breastmilk then 2 hours later he takes 2 oz of formula. Then 2 hours later he gets 3 oz of breastmilk again. I'm still supplementing in between feedings to help build by stash. 

There are lots of babies who only get formula and they are fine!! There are lots of babies who only get breastmilk and they are fine!! And there are babies like mine who get both and he's doing just fine! And momma's doing better too! 

Oh I forgot to mention. I had signs of mastitis again. On the other breast. Thankfully I'm still on antibiotics. Another result of his tongue tie is he wasn't emptying my breast so I was getting clogged ducts that were turning into an infection. So yes. My health is important too. 

Cheers to bottle feeding! Breastmilk and formula! 

Is a blog complete without pictures?! 

April 8, 2015

To the mom who couldn't breastfeed...

I'm sorry. I'm sorry that you tried and had trouble and I'm sorry you were probably judged for it. 

I never understood why moms couldn't breastfeed. Before I had Prestyn I really had no idea. Other than the knowledge I had from attending monthly La Leche League meetings and reading The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding. 

After I had Prestyn breastfeeding came so natural to both of us. Sure we had trouble in the beginning as we were both learning, but once we figured it out we were both golden! 

For 13 months I nursed Prestyn. I pumped once I started working, and she was always satisfied. I gave all the credit to the way I educated myself before she was born. 

Nearing the end of my pregnancy with Pierce I brushed up on my book, and felt comfortable doing this all over again. 

Once Pierce was born we tried nursing immediately with some skin to skin! I'm quickly learning what everybody told me about not comparing children is right! Instead of latching on just like Prestyn did he cried for the whole 2 hours we were in recovery. Nurses hand expressed colostrum from me into a cup then gave them to Pierce in a syringe. He took 5 of these! This boy was hungry! Weighing in at 8.3 when he was born I guess I shouldn't have been surprised. 

Well that hasn't changed! This boy can eat! He lost the typical amount of weight in the hospital even though he was nursing 24/7! When we left the hospital Pierce weighed 7.10. 2 days later we had an appointment with our pediatrician and he weighed 7.13! Yay! He was gaining weight! 

Our days and nights were rough. Pierce cried/screamed constantly!!! Anytime he was awake he was crying. And if he was sleeping it wasn't for long. He'd wake up crying. Nursing seemed to be the only way to keep him happy. But even that wasn't for long. He'd unlatch and cry! It was so sad. I cried with him! 

Something wasn't right. We thought he had all the signs of acid reflux minus the spitting up. We made an appointment with the pediatrician. They weighed him and he was 7.8. I immediately started crying. He was losing weight. 😢 

So this was of course a big concern for the dr who put acid reflux at the bottom of the list. I nursed him there at the dr and they weighed him again. He didn't gain! So then we knew he wasn't getting enough! 

The dr talked about options: I could pump to see how much I'm getting and give him that in addition to nursing or supplement. I'm still crying like a big baby. Since I didn't have any trouble nursing Prestyn this as especially had b

I literally cried the entire day. Not because formula is bad, but because I felt like I failed as a mother. I wasn't giving my baby what he needed. Not only did I feel like I failed him, but I felt like I was failing Prestyn too. 

That afternoon while I sat on the couch nursing Pierce and crying...Ryan and Prestyn were outside having a good ol time. Once Pierce was through nursing he still screamed and cried. I couldn't handle it anymore. So...I made him a bottle of formula and he gulped it down! He was full and happy. I was relieved. And my family was glad to have us be able join the fun! 

So back to the title here...to the mom who couldn't breastfeed. I get it now and I'm sorry I didn't before. For the sake of my sanity, Pierce's health, and my family's needs we have to supplement. And that's ok! Pierce will be just fine! 

So I'm  sorry for not understanding before. Now I do. And you do what you have to do! Do what's best for your baby first. And if momma ain't happy ain't nobody happy. So take care of you too! 

We're still working on a schedule which is another totally different ball game! I'll blog about that later and how supporting fits in. 😄 

Until then...here's some milk drunk photos to make you smile. 😊