April 29, 2015

Adventures with Mommy Part 1

I'm not sure if this will be a "thing" or not but I'm sure it will be! I took this picture this morning before I ventured out with both kids alone, and was just going to post with a caption. As the morning and day carried on I knew it was much more blog worthy!

So this was me this morning. Before exiting the neighborhood I thought, we did it! We left the house on time with both kids in tact and happy! 

With my husbands schedule we are just the 3 of us every 3rd day. When he went back to work I had my mom to help. The next time I took Prestyn to my mom's for a little bit. The time after that I was all alone and it was tough! Although the neighbors did come over to play, and dinner was brought over which really helped! But this time I had a full day planned and I needed reinforcements! 

Our plan was to go to dance the go to Ryan's work and go to the Wild West Watauga Fest. Sounds simple enough. Preparation began the night before. I packed a suitcase for Prestyn since she would be spending the night at Gammies. I also packed her dance bag with clothes to change into after dance. Then I had to pack Pierce's bag with bottles prepared since he's no longer drinking straight from the tap. I also hafts pack my pump so I could make milk from the tap while we were out all day! 

When Pierce got up to eat around 6 I stayed up so I could get myself ready and him ready. Then it was time to wake Prestyn up so she could have breakfast and get ready for dance. In order to get her hair fixed she had cake for breakfast. Sometimes it's whatever works! 

We were miraculously out the door by 9 am which meant we were on time! As we pulled out of the garage I realized I had not eaten anything so I ran back inside to grab a granola bar and pack of almonds! 

And we're off! I thought wow! We did it! My hands were shaky though. Probably nerves and the fact that I was running one cup of coffee. We get to dance and I realize just how nervous I am when I begin sweating then notice the one thing i forgot was deodorant!! Woops! MIL to the rescue though! She brought me some to the fire station! 

We made it to dance on time! Prestyn did fabulous. Pierce had to eat while we were there. Go figure. He eats all the time. Haha. I got Prestyn changed and ready to go to daddy's work! But before taking off I got hooked up to pump on the way! 

Remember how I only had a cup of coffee?! So while I'm pumping we went through the whataburger drive thru so I could get a water! I'm sure they wondered what I was doing but a moms gotta do what a moms gotta do! 

On the way to Watauga I kept seeing the drive now text later signs. I thought I wonder what they would say about pumping and driving! 

The drive to Watauga was quiet and smooth. Prestyn played on the iPad and Pierce slept! We got to the fire station just in time to meet Gammies, Nanny, and Justi! 

We spent some time at the station. Got the babies' diapers changed and fed! Then we were off to Wild West Watauga Fest! We immediately ran into a carousel ride and train ride! Prestyn rode the train with Justi. She looked scared but she had fun! We walked around to see what kinds of arts and crafts were being sold and saw all of the typical carnival games. Sweet Justi played a game to win P a minion. She loves "Pickle Me" (Despicable Me). 

Prestyn needed to eat lunch but she was not interested in eating at all! She loved observing everything! She picked Justi to ride the carousel with her on the way out. There were tears when we left but she was quickly happy to know that she would soon be seeing Mimis and Anca (Mia and Bianca-Gammies & Paw Paw's dogs). 

We had a yummy lunch in Watauga, and lots of fun with the babies. Good thing I packed an extra shirt for Pierce since tee tee leaked out of his diaper. Next time I need to pack a shirt for me too! 😜

Prestyn got to go home with Gammies, Justi, and Nanny to spend the night. She had a blast, and had no trouble telling me bye! Pierce and I drove back to Fate. He cried the 1st 10 minutes but then slept the rest of the trip!! 

It was a good day! And we all survived!


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