April 30, 2015

Adventures with Mommy Part 2

Well, well, well, here we are again. Another day of just the 3 of us. There have been other blog worthy days but since I'm all caught up with publishing I thought I'd start with today. 

I wasn't sure if today would be blog worthy until after we dropped Prestyn off at Mrs. Amber's. Let me warn you, the details coming up may make you sick. They made me sick but that's what makes this blog worthy! 

So I get back in the car after dropping Prestyn off. We do our little turn around in the culdesac and I say "are you ready to go to run out errands Pierce?!" And he says, "bleeeeeeh bleeeeh blaaaaah" throw up! EVERYWHERE! Not just a little spit up. Straight up throw up. I parked the car in the middle of the culdesac to quickly jump out and check on him. I assessed the damage and decided we needed to go inside Mrs. Amber's house. 

I get him out and he's COVERED in formula vomit. Bleck! I took his onesie off and cleaned it in Mrs. Ambers sink then got him wiped down and dressed in a new onesie. I had to pass him off to mrs. Amber while I cleaned the car seat. That's when I almost lost it. Bleck. This was worse than Prestyn's cheese vomit from a few weeks ago. 

Thankfully this didn't happen anymore during the day, and let's pray it NEVER happens again. So what do we do?! Go run our errands of course! Target trip that Pierce slept through then to Tom Thumb. This is when it hit him that hey! I just lost pretty much everything in my tummy and I'm STARVING now! Feed me! NOW! 

So the drive home was...loud. But once we got home he was happy to eat. Then a bath was in order of course! Pierce then took his nap while I tried to do EVERYTHING. Haha. We were on a schedule today so there was lots to get done! 

Once he woke up and ate we were off again! We got Sister and headed to Rowlett for Nana's retirement party. Technically she's not MY nana but really she was a nana to everybody. Her time in the classroom will surely be missed but I'm happy for her to enjoy her time with Grandad! 

There's no way I would've gone if I knew I didn't have help. My friend joann happily obliged and Prestyn was thrilled. Michelle and Kam stepped in to help too once we see there. They sugared Prestyn up with cake, candy, and punch. It was great to see a lot of my old coworkers and show off my pride-our children. 

Prestyn as anxious to leave though because she was ready to see her Gee!! My dad is in town for the weekend so we got to spend some time with him and Nonna this evening. 

The day turned out pretty good given how it started. I think I'm getting the hang of this. Oh and this is the picture of me I sent joann asking her if I could wear my be uniform to the party. If it wasn't for the vomit that ended up on my shirt in at have with this! 

P.S. I love motherhood. 

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