May 9, 2015

Pierce's 1st Month

Wow! I can't believe it's already been 1 month since Pierce was born. It definitely has flown by. Knowing this is our last has made me hold onto little moments a little bit longer. The fact that 1 month has already gone by makes me tear up a little.

But it also makes me celebrate! Hallelujah! We made it! We've made it 1 month! Everybody told me what an adjustment it would be going from 1 child to 2 but they didn't quite tell me how. So I wasn't really prepared. 

Everybody also told me not to compare our children which I knew. But they also would tell me how DIFFERENT they would be. But again...didn't tell me how! Soooo again...I wasn't prepared. Haha. I've definitely felt like a 1st time mom again. But that's ok. I am a first time mom to Pierce and he's his own person!  

So even though his first month has been a challenge it has been rewarding. Seeing Prestyn with Pierce warms my heart. I can tear up just thinking about how much she shows she loves them, and I know they'll have a great relationship growing up together. 

So we went from breastfeeding to exclusively pumping and giving both formula and breastmilk to strictly bottle feeding with formula. And that's ok! It's what my little man needs and what works best for us. I read this in Babywise and I loved it! 

Pierce now weighs 9.5 lbs and is a much happier baby!! He's on a 3 hour schedule during the day. His day starts around 6:30-7:30. He eats 4 oz and usually wants to go back to sleep but after a diaper change, and quick tummy time we wake Prestyn up so there's no chance he's sleeping! 

While I get Prestyn's breakfast and her ready he hangs out in the bouncer or plays on the play mat. Prestyn has enjoyed showing him how all of his toys work! 

I know he doesn't look too happy in this picture but he is doing much better with awake times! He's currently in his first leap. Which means his brain is basically going through a developmental growth spurt. It affects him just like a physical growth spurt. He wants to eat a lot often and sleep! 

I try to keep him up for just a little bit so at least his nap is good & restful! After Pierce has been awake for an hour (including feeding time) he's ready to go down for a nap! We swaddle him and rock him and down he goes! 

He's now napping in his crib and sleeps peacefully in there! I will say he's a much better sleeper at this age than his sister was. 😉 since he's going through this leap right now I'm usually waking him up after a 2 hour nap to feed him. This schedule works for us and I'm hopeful he'll start sleeping more at night! 

There were a couple nights where he slept 5 hours but since going through this leap he's waking up about every 3 hours. A perk of bottle feeding is Dadda gets to take one of the feedings while mommy sleeps! 

Pierce has now outgrown his newborn clothes and wears a size 1 diaper. He smiles at us now too! Not consistently but we definitely get some smiles out of him! 

He's not a fan of tummy time but I'm paranoid about flat spots on his head so we do lots of tummy time. Whether it be on my chest, legs, or a playmat I'm sure to get those upper body muscles built and help him gain some head control! Which he's doing very well at! 

Pierce has a paci but doesn't depend on it much. He's not much of a fan of the swing either. He'll hang out in there a little bit but he'd rather be held! I love holding him but it's not always an option. 😊 

We're having so much fun with our little guy and can't wait to see what the future months hold! 

Oh. And he was asleep in these pictures because of the leap! I tried EVERYTHING to get him to stay awake but poor guy was just so sleepy. I was going to retake the pictures but I thought no...this is a reflection of him at this point! ☺️ 

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