May 11, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

This year was my 3rd Mother's Day as a mommy. Let's do a recap of the past 2, and you'll see why this one was the best! 

My 1st Mother's Day was a really good one. We dedicated Prestyn at church and had a nice lunch at one of our favorites! My mom and dad and brother got to be there so that was great! That afternoon I was really hoping for a nap but Prestyn had a different plan. Ryan grilled a delicious dinner for me, and I got to snuggle with sweet P. 

The next year (last year) Ryan had to work. Boooo! But I got to have a nice lunch with my mom while my dad babysat P. Still no nap! ;) 

This year when Ryan asked what I wanted for Mother's Day I said sleep! And that I got!! He got up for Pierce's 2 nighttime feedings. Then got Prestyn up and got her breakfast. I slept until 8:30! It was glorious!!! 

Ryan made me just the breakfast I wanted! Bacon, eggs, toast, and mimosas! It was delicious and perfect! We then all got ready to go to my mom's house to celebrate with everybody. 

My dad was missing but it was nice to see my grandmother and uncle Rudy. It really was the perfect day. My mom fixed lasagne for lunch, Pierce took a little nap, and Prestyn loved all the attention! 

When we got home Ryan helped getting the kids to bed, and ordered Chinese for us for dinner! Yum! The day before he and Prestyn walked in from being at the grocery store and she had flowers for me. She said happy birthday mommys day! So sweet! They're beautiful red roses and lilies! 

Ryan definitely showed his appreciation for me today and I am so grateful. Then he told me to go shopping the next day! I've been needing some summer clothes so it was fun to get out! Sans kids! And shop! For me!!

Oh and an ironic gift from him was a Starbucks gift card which I've already utilized. Since I can't get sleep every day at least I can get good caffeine! 

I love being a mommy to these sweet kids. And I'm thankful for my mommy teaching me how to be a mommy! Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies out there! Cheers! 

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