June 7, 2015

Pierce's 2nd Month

I didn't cry at the doctors office like I usually do with this baby. Seems no visit is a perfect visit. I didn't cry when he wailed when they gave him his shots. I might cry now typing this. For a few reasons::

1. This is our last baby. At times I'm ready for this newborn stage to be over because I'm exhausted but other times I cherish rocking this sweet baby and can't believe 2 months has already passed! 

2. I completely missed the fact that yesterday was in fact his 2 month birthday. Since his doctors appointment was today I just kept thinking today was the 27th. Nope it was yesterday. My mind has been so busy I didn't even know the date! 

And 3. The tough stuff. I hate to start with that but since writing is my release I have to get this off my mind. Well not really off but just typing it out helps! So here's the tough part that makes me want to cry. 

The doctor was asking me about his focus and following things with his eyes. He does this well. I told her that he favors his right side so I try to shake rattles, read to him, etc. on his left side to get him to turn that way. She said it's interesting I say that because she noticed his right side has a flat spot. 😢 then we say him up in my lap and his head kind of falls to the right side. So she thinks his neck muscles are weak on the left side. She showed me an exercise to do with him routinely but she also is referring us to a physical therapist. The PT will evaluate him and show us more exercises we can do to help strengthen that left side. We're hopeful that with a stronger neck he'll have better motion with his head and that flat spot will go away. We go back in 1 month to reevaluate. If the flat spot isn't better we'll need discuss him needing a helmet. 😭 

Not what this paranoid momma wants to hear! I am spending just as much time with Pierce as I did prestyn to help his development so of course I feel like I'm failing. Let's just pray this corrects itself with the exercises and our sweet boy will be well and good! 

So now onto the good stuff! Not to compare children or anything but when it comes to riding in the car Pierce is much better than Prestyn was! I used to have to pull over to console her and give her the paci. Pierce may fuss a little then just go to sleep! 

And oh those smiles! Those sweet sweet smiles! We get little cops and laughs out of him too when I sing and talk to him. He mostly likes songs that have hand motions that I do with my hands or his. 

Pierce is 22 3/4 inches long. That puts him in the 36th percentile. Maybe he'll be shorties like momma and daddy! 

He weighs 12 lbs 11 oz which puts him in the 58th percentile. A little above average but that's ok! My little chunk still likes to eat! He takes 4 oz of similac sensitive formula every 3 hours. He's still a little gassy with that formula and the Dr. Brown bottles so we're going to try the similac total comfort formula to see if it's easier on his tummy. At times we think he's ready for 5 oz but he still just takes 4. In the evening he can only go 2 hours between a feeding so we may try 5 oz for that feeding. 

He wakes up twice during the night to eat. Around 1 and around 4. Then we start our day around 7. This baby still loves to be swaddled. It's an immediate relief for him! He fusses, I swaddle, hold him up right, pat his back, and sshh in his ear and he's calm! Pierce is sleeping in his room at night. He starts naps in his crib but sometimes they end up in the swing because a nap in there is better than no nap at all. 

Pierce still isn't quite a huge fan of tummy time but that doesn't stop me from making him do it after every diaper change! With this routine we'll be doing his neck exercises. I usually read to him while he's on his tummy too. He loves to play the piano with his feet on his playmat and he LOVES it when Prestyn talks to him and plays with him. 

He's wearing size 1 diapers that I'm sure he'll outgrow soon and size 0-3 month clothes. His 3 month clothes fit too but I'm trying to get as much use as u can out of the 0-3! Holding onto those baby sizes! 

This little guy is definitely a momma's boy and I wouldn't have it any other way! Although Ryan's already ready to get him in sports! 😉😊 here's our little mvp.


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