June 23, 2015

ABCs of Summer 2...G Day

G is for Good Effort? G day didn't quite go as I planned...I had it circled on the calendar since I still needed to plan something. Then Kiki snap chatted a picture of a Gloria's meal that looked delish so then I had a plan!

G is for Gloria's. A treat for Mommy, Dadda, and the 2 sweet Ps! Dadda got his margarita. Mommy got her enchiladas (which I always order when we go out since Ryan doesn't like them so I never get to cook them), Pierce got to go on our adventure, and Prestyn got to play at the Harbor Splash Pad...or so I thought. 

So after we ate I changed P into herbs thing suit, lathered on the sunscreen then went out to the splash pad. We waited, and we waited, and we waited. Ryan read that it comes on twice an hour every day. So we waited for 30 minutes, and it never came on. :( I was so sad for Prestyn! We did walk around the Harbor which was nice, and took P to see the lighthouse. Pierce just slept the whole time. He was tired from all the smiling he did at Gloria's. :) 

Once we got home I was hoping we could go play with Prestyn's friend Grey, but Dadda took a nap so Prestyn and I did G day activities at home! 

I put hair gel in a gallon sized Baggie then taped it to her placemat with her name on a piece of cardstock underneath. She liked feeling the gel through the Baggie as she traces the letters of her name. 

Then our plan was to make a goat out of her handprint. We started by glueing Popsicle sticks on the cardstock to make a fence. Next was to paint Prestyn's hand to make the goat, but Pierce had another plan. He was DONE napping and ready to take a bath! And because Prestyn missed her nap she went ahead and had her dinner and bath too so she could get to bed early! 

Even though the day didn't turn out the way we planned it was still a good day. I'm certainly enjoying these summer days with my family. 

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