June 29, 2015

ABCs of Summer...Date Night Edition...G-I

This is fun. It really makes you think out of the box and get creative with your dates! We discussed many things we could've done for the letter G, but this is what we decided on: 

Appetizers and beverages at Gloria's at the Harbor then to see Jurassic Park. I thought afterwards we could get Ice cream at Coldstone at the Harbor or make Ice cream at home! Today is Prestyn's J day so we went ahead and included that in our date plan...until...

The neighbor came over, and asked us if we wanted to go on their boat! Um yeah!! If you know my husband well you know how happy the lake and being on a boat makes him! I made sure our babysitter could sit during the day instead of night then we were in!! 

So G...after being on the boat a couple hours we docked at the Harbor, walked up to Gloria's, and had dinner! 

H is easy...we were at the Harbor! 

I...well...I thought I could still stand for making Ice Cream when we got home, or we could share all the quarky things I love about you...instead I stands for iPhone...lost...in the lake. 😢 we had a great date day and night! It stinks that ended on such a bad note with me dropping my phone in the lake. 

Accidents happen! Hopefully the next date day/night will be happy from beginning to end! 

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