June 17, 2015

ABCs of Summer 2...C Day

C is for...Children's Aquarium! I've heard about this place, but had never been. We loaded the babies up, and headed to Fair Park! Parking is free at the aquarium and admission is free for kids 3 and under!

It's not a large aquarium but it was perfect for our littles! We saw fish, snakes, turtles, and sharks. Prestyn was most excited to find the Nemo fish! Which we did find! And Dori! 

Pierce just chilled in the stroller until we went to feed the Stingrays. Prestyn and Dadda fed them while I held Pierce, and let him look around. It really is a cool place! 

Prestyn also got to touch a sea urchin and the shell of what I guess was a hermit crab?! They also had octopus tentacles you could touch to see how they felt. Weird but cool! 

The jellyfish were the neatest looking things to me! I highly recommend this place for your littles! There was a daycare there when we were there with some of the kids being older. They may have been bored but it's cheap and INDOOR entertainment! 

C is also for...chicken nuggets which is what prestyn told her daddy she wanted for lunch. What that baby wants that baby gets! 

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