June 17, 2015

ABCs of Summer 2...B Day

So the way I scheduled these days was I filled in the letters on MWF since Prestyn goes to Mrs. Amber's on TTh. Then I just searched activities and places in the DFW area.

Well Bass Pro Shops is one place that showed up so I thought hey! That can be our B day. Prestyn loves to go there to look at the fish. Every time we drive by it she asks to go see the fish. Plus it's an indoor activity! I'm all about getting out of the house but in this heat...unless there's water involved we'll be sticking to indoor activities as much as possible. Especially when it's something we'll be taking little P too! 

We walked around...looked at the fish, turtles, reindeer (as Prestyn calls them), and bear. We walked into the restaurant so Prestyn could see the fish in there. We had no intention of eating there, but as soon as she saw it was a restaurant she said, "I eat." Well we can't tell her no to eating! Plus we like the food too. ;)

Prestyn ate Burgers, Bread & Butter!i know she's still a little young to understand letters and sounds but I'm trying! Except when I ask her scar sound B makes she says BO! That's a sweet little neighbor boy that she's been dying to play with! But she's right...Bo does start with B! 

Pierce looked at some of the fish then he took a Bottle and went to sleep! It was Prestyn's turn to nap when we got home. B is also for battles?! We've been battling her to stay in bed! She's doing better than before but I believe this nap took place on the floor. 

I was excited to do crafts with her when she woke up, but she's not quite into crafting as much as I am. We still have t made that Anna picture! But once I got started on our B day craft she was excited to get started on it. 

She chose the paint color and I painted the letter B on a piece of cardstock. Then I folded it in half. It made a butterfly! Then Prestyn used sequins and glitter glue to decorate it! She decided to gift this to her Uncle Knee (Anthony). She was pretty proud of it! 

B is also for Bumbo! Mr. P sat in his Bumbo for the 1st time today! He is doing pretty good with it. I think he likes sitting up to see us, and he's getting better at holding toys while he sits there. His poor neck still hands to the right but the dang PT isn't returning our calls! Momma Bear will make the next call! If nothing is still not done then a call to the dr. Again!


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