June 25, 2015

ABCs of Summer 2...H Day

Whodathunk it that our H day last year was exactly 1 year ago today. Thanks to Time Hop I was able to compare pictures of Prestyn at the same place!

Although...in last year's picture she was picking blackberries. In this year's picture she is eating ice cream. Beeeecaaause...we didn't get to pick blueberries this year. :( again, I was so sad, and began to think this day would be another flop! 

We made the best of it though! Ryan and I both checked their website, and it said we'd be able to pick until end of June. Apparently they've been so busy that everybody picked all the blackberries so there weren't any left. 

So we picked up our bag of peaches, and got our ice cream. I had to get the peach ice cream. Prestyn said she wanted pink so we got her strawberry! Aaaand she wanted hers in a cup to eat it with a spoon. I prefer a cone but to each is own. And what my baby wants my baby gets. 

When we drove up to Ham's Orchard we saw signs got a petting zoo. Since we couldn't pick blackberries we thought we'd check the petting zoo out. And boy am I glad we did! 

The oldest daughter of the Ham family started the petting zoo this summer. It's only $4 to get in (2 and under are free), and I think it's the best petting zoo I've been to! 

There were no barriers! We got right in there with the animals! There were chickens, ducks, bunnies, baby pigs, goats, sheep, and a llama. Prestyn said the bunnies were her favorite. Probably because she got to hold one. The baby pigs were my favorite. Probably because I got to hold one. 😜 

The pictures speak for themselves. I'm so glad we went! 

H is also for Hot and Humid! Last minute I decided to look for a sitter for Pierce. Ryan's cousin, Alex, was being a creeper, and saw I needed a sitter. I'm glad she was creepin though because she came, and kept Pierce while we went! 

And since it was so hot it was the perfect day for Dadda to blow up our little pool in the backyard! The afternoon ended great with Prestyn and I in the pool. Then her friend Bo came over with his mommy. Prestyn has been asking about him since our letter B day! Glad they finally got to play! 

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