June 17, 2015

ABCs of Summer 2...D Day

Oooo weee I'm tired! I'm literally sitting on the couch with my feet propped up while Pierce is asleep in the swing, and Prestyn is sitting at the coffee table on the iPad. I hear the washer finishing up my load of laundry which means I'll soon have to get up to put the clothes in the dryer and fold the ones that are in there.

Until then I'll enjoy this time of rest to blog about our Dynamic Day! You know what starts with the letter D?! Dallas Zoo! Sure we could've waited until Z Day or $1 admission day but both times then it'd be way too hot! Today was the perfect day!! 

It was a little overcasted and a few rain clouds emptied over us, but after all the walking and humidity it felt nice. Still it wasn't too hot at all! 

Since Dallas is 1/2 way between us and Arlington we invited Ryan's mom to join us! So Gammies met us there! We tried to get a picture in the B and G at the entrance but Prestyn wasn't having it! I prayed that wasn't a preview of how the day would go. Thankfully her attitude perked up when we started seeing animals! 

She has been talking about seeing the Bingos (flamingos) so thankfully that was one of the 1st animals we saw! She wasn't AS interested in them as I thought she'd be. Then she just talked about seeing giraffes. 

We literally walked through the ENTIRE zoo! A few times too! It was great! I don't think I've ever done that. Seems every time I'm there it's for a field trip so I'm on teacher duty, and don't get to walk around all that much. So this was a real treat! 

I didn't take pictures of EVERY animal we saw but here's our day in pictures! They really speak for themselves! We had so much fun! Pierce will join us next year when he's older, and can handle the heat and being out all day. But thank you Kiki for keeping our little man happy while we spoiled our little girl with undivided attention! 

D is also for doctor. :( unfortunately momma started not feeling well again at the zoo. About a week and a half ago I went to the dr with fever, congestion, sore throat, etc. I tested negative for flu and strep. I started antibiotics and started feeling better the next day! I did lose my voice one day, and still had lots of congestion but I was feeling much better. 

Until today. I started feeling a pain in my back that I though was from moving wrong, but then I noticed it was worse when I tried to take a deep breath. So I went to the dr again today. Nothing serious. Pleurisy is all. Got a shot, antibiotic, and anti-inflammatory. Hoping to feel better soon! 

The purpose of sharing this was for this part: I told Ryan I'd take one of the kids with me so he didn't have both. Since Prestyn is the only one who voices her opinion, and she was well behaved all day...she got to go! 

She did so good too! Shout out to Taryn Hope and the nurse at the RISD Health Center. Preston got colors, Gummies, and a lollipop after Mommy is the one who got the shot. 😜

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