June 23, 2015

ABCs of Summer 2...F Day

F is for Fort Worth Stockyards! Ryan was pretty excited when he saw I put this on the calendar. He considers that part of his old stomping grounds so he was excited to take his girls there. Thankfully it's not too far from Gammies house so first we dropped Pierce off since being outside there would be too hot.

Really the only thing I thought we would do was watch the Cattle Drive then eat lunch. The Cattle Drive started at 11:30 so we got there about 11. Once we got out there we saw how much there was to do for Prestyn! Again...seeing a part of the city through her eyes was priceless! 

She wanted to ride the little carousel ride so we put the quarters in, and off she went! Her face in the pictures is priceless. Once she got going she was quite scared but she stayed on! Then she wanted to ride the rocking horse. Except when this one got going she wanted off! We convinced her to stay on if Daddy held her. :)

I was amazed at how many people were lined up along Exchange to watch the Cattle Drive. Prestyn liked seeing the Longhorns and horses so much that she kept saying she wanted to touch them. Haha. Well she couldn't touch those, but she could touch the animals in the Petting Zoo! 

That was our next stop. The lady warned us that her pet deer roamed freely so to make sure she didn't eat all our feed. Haha. That was the sweetest deer! Prestyn said the goats and sheep were her favorite. I personally liked the lama! Lol! All I can think of is Napolean Dynamite! 

There was a little train ride for kids, and Prestyn was not going to let us get past letting her ride it! She said she wanted Mommy to ride with her so we bought our tickets and off we went! It was a short ride but an enjoyable one. We went through a tunnel which Prestyn loved especially since she's always asking to go through a tunnel when we are driving! She even got a train whistle after the ride! Worth the 10 bucks! 

We were then ready to eat lunch. Before going into Riscky's BBQ there was a clown cowboy making balloon animals. Prestyn requested a dog. He even let her choose the colors! She was showing her balloon dog off to everybody in the restaurant. 

I was so proud of my sweet girl. When the waitress came to our table Prestyn said, "I would like a sprite please." Saweet girl!! We had a good meal of BBQ and Mac and cheeee! 

It really was a great day and we're so glad we made the trip! I can't wait until we can take both kids next time!

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