June 29, 2015

ABCs of Summer...J Day

J is for jump! Prestyn got a trampoline from Santa, and she's always wanting friends to come over and jump with her. 

Well this day her sweet friend Saylor got to come jump with her! Saylor's mommy and I have been friends for 21 years!!! Crazy, huh?! We don't even have to force this friendship on them. They naturally love each other! 

So after some jump time Saylor was ready to make Jellyfish. Crafts with 2 year olds doesn't always go as planned. Haha. Maybe that part was more for the moms. About 5 minutes into it they were done, and ready to watch a movie...and eat Cheetos! Lol. These 2 are so cute!! 

So even though the jelly fish crafts didn't get find they still had a lot of fun together. 

After they were over the movie they played for a while in Prestyn's kitchen. Then we pretty much had to force them to eat lunch. Jelly and peanut butter sandwiches of course! With a side of jello! 

It's taken me 2 days to write this post because I didn't feel so joyful about this day. At this point Prestyn had pooped in her diaper. Then threw a big ol' fit because she didn't want get diaper changed. In the fight of changing her diaper she got in her bed to tee tee. And joyfully shared this with me! 

It was a tough afternoon but after a nap she was much better! 

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