July 6, 2015

Pierce's 3rd Month

Oh my sweet boy! Sometimes I'm like wow it's already been 3 months?! Other times I'm like geez it's only been 3 months?! Haha! Nonetheless the past 3 months have been a joy!

I feel like we have finally figured our little guy out, and functioning as a family of 4. Pierce is such a happy and smiley baby. You can't tell from these pictures...I guess he got a little camera shy. I usually get the smiley pictures on my phone. My phone that is now in Lake Ray Hubbard so a lot of those pictures are lost. I'm heartbroken, but thanks to social media I can retrieve some pictures. And now I'll be snapping like crazy to get some of my handsome boy on this phone. 

Enough about me...back to the stud! This amazing little boy usually gets his last feeding of the night anywhere between 6-8. Then...get this...he sleeps AT LEAST 8 hours before waking to eat. Sometimes more! It's blissful! Of course I wrote this last night then the little stinker is calling me a liar. He woke after sleeping for 6 hours. But it's still really good. 

Pierce has always loved to be swaddled, but lately he's been busting out of it but still able to sleep. So I guess we're gulf go try weaning from the swaddle. I'll just leave one arm out for a while. This night change when we move naps to his crib. 

He currently takes 3-4 naps a day in the swing. Really it's just easier that way, but I know it can't last forever. Naps are usually about an hour and a half to two hours. Sometimes I have to wake him to feed him either because we need to leave the house, or because I don't want hum napping too long. That could disrupt night time sleep. 

Speaking of going somewhere...this boy loves car rides! He'll either look out the window the entire time, or he'll just close his eyes and go to sleep! 

He also loves big sister, Prestyn. He just smiles and laughs at her. It's so sweet. Until she plays chubby cheeks with him then he gets upset. Maybe he has a complex about his chubby cheeks, but I love them! 

These chubby cheeks are part of the 13.2 lbs that Pierce currently weighs! He's wearing size 2 diapers, and size 3 month clothes. Although because he's now 23 inches long his size 3 month footed pjs are too short so he's wearing size 3-6 month in those. Pretty soon his daytime wear will all be size 3-6 months. Makes me sad how quickly he's growing! 

He eats 5 oz of the Similac Total Comfort formula every 3-4 hours. This kind is much better on his little tummy, and we're not having to give the gas drops as often. We still give them when we can tell he has a bubble stuck. Gripe water still works miracles! Especially when he has the hiccups and can't go to sleep! 

Sometimes all the exciting play gives him hiccups! We have 2 playmats that he likes to play on. And this month he started sitting in the bumbo regularly. The time he can sit in there and play is getting longer! We do lots of singing and dancing too while I clean house! And of course tummy time! Pierce is doing so good at holding his head up whole laying on his tummy. I usually read to him while he's on his tummy. Prestyn likes to be in on this too! She does so good playing with her little brother! 

So after 3 months of a family of 4 I couldn't imagine us any other way. Excited to see what the next month brings us!

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