July 6, 2015

ABCs of Summer...Date Night Edition...J-L

Seriously...planning these has been so fun! It's really changed things up & I like it!! Last month a lot of the focus was on places we took Prestyn. This month it's more about us! I already have M-P planned so when we have the time, sitter, and money we'll do that!

The J-L date was so fun! Again, in short: we went for a Jog on Katy Trail and had Lunch at Ice House on Katy Trail.

I've been working on getting baby weight off and pre-baby weight that I wanted to lose. So I've been running. I run on the treadmill at the Y because I like watching tv while I run and the AC! But to run on Katy Trail was so fun! A change of scenery was nice, and to have my love by my side made it so much easier.

Not gonna lie...this run was tough! Especially since I've been used to running indoors. There were some hills, and the ground is definitely a lot harder than pounding on a treadmill. There were times I wanted to give up, and if Ryan wasn't by my side I would have...I would have stopped and walked...but with him running next to me it was VERY motivational! I'm lucky to have someone who enjoys exercise and motivates me!

What's better after a good long run than a good yummy lunch?! Ice House on Katy Trail is LITERALLY on the trail...so we stopped...had some beverages & yummy/semi-healthy lunch...I mean we did just get done running 3 miles!

Love this man, and love our dates together!!

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