July 6, 2015

ABCs of Summer...K Day

So now I realize there may be readers who read for ideas, but there may be some who still read my word for word because you have nothing better to do...haha!

So...in short...K is for: Kiki, Kyoto, Krackle, and Kit Kat...haha!

Here are the deets: This morning Ryan took Prestyn to run several errands including her picking a prize for filling up 2 rows on her chart! (More about this will be coming in a Terrible 2's post). She picked a fun beach ball with a crab inside it and bubbles! 

She was so excited when she got home to blow bubbles! I thought I guess K can be for...Kid being a Kid? I just let her play while I sat outside and watched her. It was so much fun! She jumped on the trampoline, blew bubbles, then played in her water table! She had on a pretty dress to wear on her date with Dadda, but it got very wet from the water table so she had to change! 

So this is a little embarrassing, but Prestyn has been talking about going to the gas station with Kiki to get Kiki's beer and her beef jerky. Kiki has never taken Prestyn to get beer so I don't know where this came from, but we thought it was kind of funny. So Kiki and I took Prestyn to the gas station. No we didn't get beer! We did get beef jerky, but then we looked around for snacks and things that started with the letter K...that was hard! All we found was a Krackle bar and a Kit Kat. 

Once we got home it was time for Prestyn to get ready for her date with Dadda! So let me tell you where this came from...

We got sad news last week that Mrs. Amber (Prestyn's babysitter for the past 2 years) was no longer going to be keeping kids. We had already planned on sending Prestyn to daycare in August, but Mrs. Amber was also going to care for Pierce so it was super sad that she isn't going to be able to be a part of raising him. :( So then we got to talking about possibly Mrs. Amber keeping the Sweet Ps while Dadda and I went on a date. I shared that with Prestyn, and she said, "I want to go on a date with Dadda...." aaawww! Ryan had been talking about taking Prestyn on a date, and since today was K day...and K is for Kyoto...and K day was on a Wednesday...and Kids eat free on Wednesdays it was PERFECT! For those who aren't local...Kyoto is a hibachi steak house so Prestyn got a show and a yummy dinner! Ryan said she was a little afraid, but all she has talked about is the choo-choo train that the chef did...hehe :) 

So there you have it...simplistic & fun! 

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