July 6, 2015

ABCs of Summer 2...M Day

Holy Moly...give me an early bedtime for the kids, a glass of wine, The Bachelorette, Husband at work, and I'm on a roll with these blogs!

So M is for Mommy and Me?! I have to say...I am so honored to have this husband of mine...he is so involved in helping me plan these days! When Mrs. Amber offered to keep Pierce for the day Husband and I were on the search for special things we could do with Prestyn!

Since Mrs. Amber won't get to love on Pierce every day in the fall she sweetly offered to spend some time with him today. :) So Prestyn and I dropped Pierce off then she went with me to the gym. M is for MOOOOOMMMMMYYYY!!!!! The cry I hear as I drop her off... :(

After the gym we went to Five Below! So fun!! We went so Prestyn could pick out her prize for filling up another row of her chart. She chose a Doc McStuffins game that is like Trouble. So M is for McStuffins. I guess I was more excited about the game though...I played while Prestyn watched and tried to MESS up my pieces...haha..I won! But I guess that's what happens when you play a game by yourself...womp womp womp...Pierce enjoyed watching though! haha!

After picking out the prize we went to the grocery store where Prestyn picked out Macaroni & Cheese for lunch...how fitting and of course one of her favorites! haha! If you're one of those moms who doesn't give their kid Kraft Macaroni & Cheese because it's processed blah blah blah then go blog about that on your own, but don't judge me for what I serve my child. haha! ;)

We also got marshmallows! The plan was to light the fire pit while Prestyn played in the pool, and roast marshmallows for smores. Sweet Dadda went to probably 5 different places over the past 2 days looking for wood for the fire pit! I mean I know it's July, but don't people go camping this time of year, and need wood for that?! IDK, but he finally found some!

Ryan got the pool blown up & filled up with water,and Prestyn could not wait to get in there! It's so cute when she says, "I so cited!!!" heehehe! She also got to play in the water hydrant thing for a little bit. But unfortunately it was too windy to light the fire pit, and roast marshmallows so hopefully we'll do that soon!! I also got little marshmallows to connect to spell Prestyn's name so maybe we'll do that on the N day for Name?!

Our day of fun went by quickly...Prestyn enjoyed a popsicable by the pool before coming in to dry off to go get Pierce. Which she was quite ready for. I wondered if she even remembers what life was like before Pierce?! She wanted to stay at Mrs. Amber's with him...she asked for him when we got home, and she was ready to go get him when it was time!

Their relationship together is precious! I hope and pray it stays that way! They are seriously so sweet together...she loves on him, entertains him, and he just smiles at her!! Oh how I love my sweet babies!!

And oh how I loved my Me time with P today!

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