June 30, 2013

Our Weekend

Since Miss Priss was born the weekends haven't really felt any different than any other day...and with Ryan's schedule all days just kind of seem the same! I remember when it was Memorial Day weekend, and everybody was making BIG plans for the weekend. I thought, "What's the big deal? It's just another weekend!" haha! But I'm blessed enough to not have to work since Miss Priss was born...but this weekend was full of events, and tons of fun!

On Friday Ryan played a game of golf with his dad & uncle. He said he spent more time in the woods looking for his ball than he did actually playing the game. Bless his heart...he might need some more lessons or time at Top Golf! I don't think he'll object to that...all in all though I think it was a good time he had with his dad & uncle. :)

The past couple of weeks Prestyn and I have been fortunate enough to spend Fridays with my nephews Jake & Jared. I've tried to keep us busy with different activities...The boys come over pretty early since their dad drops them off before work so they usually like to nap once they get here. :) Once Prestyn was up from her nap I got her ready for the pool, and the boys got ready to go too! We all had a lot of fun having a little picnic lunch, and swimming at the pool! Prestyn was ready to nap once we got there, but did get some splash time too. :) I treated the boys to ice cream at Coldstone. It was their first trip there...I think they liked it! We then had to get a wedding shower gift at Bed, Bath, and Beyond (we had enough time...just not enough time for Home Depot.) (Old School watchers are LOLing right now...) ;) Our afternoon finished up with the boys playing the Wii, and you guessed it...Prestyn napping!

Saturday was supposed to be Ryan's 10 year reunion. A few of them decided to be "Reunion Rebels" and opt out of paying the $45 to go, and just go out for a night of fun instead! Since we still hadn't had a dinner out to "celebrate our anniversary" we decided to kill 2 birds with one stone! So we met up with one of our favorite couples, the Westcott's, at PF Chang's in downtown Fort Worth. After a yummy dinner we met up with some of Ryan's old high school friends at Flying Saucer. It was fun to be out in a new town while Grammies babysat little miss! It really worked out that earlier that afternoon was a wedding shower for my friend, Amanda. The shower was on the way out to Ryan's mom's house so P and I got to hang out there for a while. :) I am so happy for Amanda & Calen and cannot wait for their big day in 3 weeks!!

With the busyness of the weekend Prestyn's schedule was off quite a bit! She missed a couple naps, but was happy because there was so much going on, and so many people to see! When we left for dinner she was starting to get sleepy, and got a little upset. Sweet Grammies did such a good job getting her down for a nap, and making us feel reassured that she was safe, happy, and healthy. :)

Since we planned on being out late Saturday night we planned on staying at Grammies. We had a yummy breakfast Sunday morning then were off to Rockwall for church. I'm serving in one of the nursery rooms so we planned to drop Prestyn off in her room then I would go serve. Well when I checked her in her room was full so she was bumped to the room I was serving in! So I got to love on Miss P while I served, but also love on other babies!

After church Sunday morning we got to go visit our friends Robin, Travis, and Graci who welcomed a new baby boy, Tex! He is so precious & seems to be such a good baby! They are all doing well, and we are so happy for them! I didn't get any pictures of Tex, but I know we'll be seeing them again soon!

I'm sure this post is putting you all to sleep...and the weekend put me to sleep! Once we were finally home I took 2 naps while sweet Husband took care of Prestyn AND cooked dinner! Am I blessed or what?!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well! Next post:: deats on our anniversary!!

Cheers! XOXO

June 25, 2013

We Didn't Even Get to Say Good-Bye

I would say WARNING: THIS IS GOING TO BE A LONG POST, but I think if you knew our Ryder Pup...you're going to want to read it!

I don't even know where to begin...if you saw my post on FB on Thursday then you knew we needed your prayers. If you continued to follow the posts then you know that Ryder crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Friday morning.

Ryder was a member of our family. But before he was a member of the Thomas family he was a member of the single Born family. After graduating college I moved home. Once I began teaching I was ready to get my own grown up place! So I moved to an apartment in the Village in Dallas. It was nice, but I was lonely...my friend Leslie had recently gotten a dapple dachshund, and my neighbor Sara had a red dachshund. I was ready for a puppy, and thought a dachshund would be the best buy!

I began doing my research, and found this sweet face! I immediately contacted the breeder, and we exchanged information for me to make this purchase! Upon seeing him I knew he was mine! I hugged him, and told him I was going to love him more than anybody ever could...and boy was that true!

As my little puppy I took Ryder Pup (as he became to be known) EVERYWHERE! I treated him just like my baby! He went to North Park Mall, my school, friends houses, EVERYWHERE!

In 2009 Ryder's daddy Ryan came into our lives. He immediately loved Ryder, and welcomed him as his child also! At this time I was living in the Mercantile in Downtown Dallas. Ryan would volunteer to take Ryder on his walks, and loved snuggling with him! My happy little family was complete for this season of our lives. :)

I really wanted Ryder to be a part of our wedding, but Husband objected...understandably...Ryder was such a momma's boy that he would not have left my side! He would have wanted to be the one to marry me! :) Ryder adjusted well once we bought our home, and Ryan was with us every day. Puppy (as he later became known) would sleep with us in the bed, or in his bed on the floor right next to our bed. We loved taking him for walks, taking him bye-bye to get donuts, again...we took him EVERYWHERE!

When I was pregnant Puppy started acting a little different. He sensed the pregnancy before I was really showing. He got to where he didn't want to have anything to do with me. :( He clung to Ryan! He no longer slept in our room, and didn't socialize with us much...he started coming around to the idea of a new baby coming, and then once again wouldn't leave my side! I could not complain though...he was so sweet the way he would lay his paw or head on my belly to hear or feel his sister move. :) He took on the role of a protective brother quite well!

Once Prestyn was born I was still worried about Ryder. I wanted to make sure he stayed in our home so he wasn't taken away from his home, and then we brought a new baby home. I cried in the hospital because I wanted to make sure he was well taken care of while we were away. He was...thankfully to friends of mine, and then my parents taking such good care of him! We were a little nervous bringing him around Prestyn, but he did so good! He just wanted to check her out! In the beginning he would just smell her, but the more active he got the more interested he got. Before Ryder passed Prestyn began noticing him. She would follow him, and laugh when he licked her feet. :)

I just knew that Prestyn would grow up as Ryder as her puppy. In the mornings after her feeding I would say, "Ok let's go let Puppy out." We'd say good morning to him, and let him out to go potty. He was such a well behaved puppy. He would talk to us, we would talk to him, we really treated him as a member of the family! He had a little adjusting to do with Prestyn here, and would mark his territory around her bassinet...

So back to taking Ryder EVERYWHERE! One of things we loved doing as a married couple was going for walks to talk about our day...and we always took Puppy along! He even did the Turkey Trot 5K with us! We tried a couple walks with Puppy & Prestyn, but he'd get ran over with the stroller so Ryan would take him on their own walk after we took Prestyn. Such a good daddy!

So this is how it happened on the day that forever changed our lives..(6/20) I was in training all day, and Ryan kept Prestyn for the day. When I got home after a exhausting day Ryan said he was going to go work out, and I was going to nap while Prestyn napped. He then said he would just go for a run then said he would go for a walk. Ryan was in Ryder's room (the laundry room) refilling his leash with poop bags ;). I asked him if he had told Ryder yet that he was going. He said no. So I said, "Puppy! Do you want to go for a walk?!" He of course got so excited! He LOVED going for walks! So Ryan leashed him up, grabbed his shoes, and went out the door.

I noticed that Ryan had left his phone inside when he was outside putting his shoes on, but thought oh he probably didn't grab it because they're just going for a quick walk. So I laid down for a nap while Prestyn napped. I woke up when I heard Ryan come in the door with Ryder. He was holding him. Ryder didn't look well. Ryan said he got too hot, and needed water. I could tell from the way he looked that he needed to go to the vet so Ryan put him in the truck, and took him! I then noticed that Ryan didn't have his wallet. I knew he was going to need it to pay for whatever they would need to do to care for him. So after I fed Prestyn I went up to the vet. I really felt like a calmness overcame Ryder when I saw him, talked him, and petted him.

When he was brought in his temperature was 107. It's supposed to be 101-102. So they cooled him down with a hose and ice packs. They also started an IV to get him fluids. The vet was about to close so they told us to take him to a 24 hour hospital where he could be cared for over night. I walked with them to the truck, and said see you later...I didn't know it was going to be good-bye...

When Ryan got to the 24 hour hospital Ryder began hallucinating. Because he had suffered a heatstroke his brain began swelling, and caused him to hallucinate...he didn't know where he was or what was going on...He tried to get away from Ryan. I believe that's because he knew his time was up, and didn't want Ryan to witness it...the doctor at the hospital sedated Ryder. Ryan treated Ryder as our child, and said TRY EVERYTHING! We were encouraged to call any time of the night to check on Ryder so we did!

I was still hopeful...I knew lots were praying for him, and many were saying their dog had a heatstroke once and pulled through. I told Ryan that Ryder was going to go back to sleeping with us once he got home...little did I know the next time he came home would be in a different state...

When we spoke to the techs I still felt like he was going to pull through. I'll try not to go through too many details even though I already have...here comes the part where I felt like we didn't get to say good-bye. Friday morning (6/21::also Prestyn's 3 month birthday) we decided we were going to visit Ryder. We loaded up the baby, Ryder's blankie & toy, and were about to go to the hospital! Ryan asked me if I had my phone. I said I did, but if he didn't we should call the vet so they had my number in case something happened on our way there. Ryan then decided to go in to get his phone. Prestyn and I waited in the car for what felt like FOREVER!

Ryan then texted me: come inside. I said no, no, no, no, no...I got Prestyn & came inside...where I saw Ryan sitting on the couch with his head in his hands. I screamed NO, put Prestyn down, and fell to the ground crying. Ryan came over to console me...I could not believe that our first child was gone! It couldn't be! He couldn't leave us like that! It wasn't abnormal for Ryder to go on walks, the path they took wasn't any longer than what he was used to, the weather wasn't that hot...I just didn't understand why!

I like the way my dad put it...that once Prestyn was here God decided we didn't need him anymore...he needed him with Him. Ryder taught us to love. We practiced our parenting skills on him, and I think we've made out to be pretty good parents to Prestyn. :) ...thanks to Ryder! It is with a broken heart, and tearful eyes that I write this post...but since I plan to print the blog for our children to read one day I want them to know who their older brother was!

Everyday is a little easier than the day before, but it seems like there are different parts of each day that remind us of him, and make us sad. But the joy of our daughter gets us through...We talked about the amount of love and joy Ryder brought to so many! Because he was taken EVERYWHERE he was a pretty sociable dog! He loved interacting with people when they'd come to visit. I believe lots have many wonderful memories of Ryder!

Maybe you're thinking this is a little much for the loss of a dog...but maybe you haven't loved a pet the way we loved ours...and if you haven't then I pray you do...because the love a pet brings to a family is a wonderful thing!

So for those of you who did know Ryder, and have wonderful happy memories to share...please do so! I ask that you do it in the comments section of the blog so that when I print this I can print those too...

My dad and I have always been dog lovers. He clung to Ryder the way I did! He has lost a grandson, and is also in mourning. He posted a bunch of pictures of Ryder on FB. So here's a picture flood of some of my favorites!

Rest in Peace Ryder Pup. We love you!! 02/07/08-06/21/13

Oh...and for those who have asked about him...I believe his soul is in Heaven with his Uncle Corky & Uncle Toby...his remains remain with us in his "box." :)


June 24, 2013

Blog Lovin'

I love to blog! And I really want more bloggy friends that I can follow & can in turn follow me. :)

So I've joined blog lovin'! In order to claim my blog on there I have to post this...

<a href="http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/8673503/?claim=jcnbjerxfzc">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

So there ya go!

June 23, 2013

Prestyn's 3rd Month

Dear Prestyn,

Seriously! Slow down!! You're getting too big too fast! Mommy can't handle it! I am however very pleased with the strides you've made in your 3rd month! Read on to find out about them! :)

*So the things that really get you laughing and cooing is when we pretend to eat your piggies! You are just fascinated with our faces...darling, we could stare at you as long as you stare at us! You just smile! It's so sweet! You've been playing this new game when you're nursing where you stop to look & laugh at Mommy then go back to nursing...stinker! You need to eat!

*Since I'm up with you during the night, or sometimes nursing you in the car when there's not much going on I usually read baby apps on my phone. So you've gone through your 12 week growth spurt (you nursed for an hour & a half one day!), you're in your 3 month growth spurt right now. And coming up is 5 weeks of a stormy period according to Wonder Weeks...that just means your little brain is just developing away making another leap! So with all this growth you're not sleeping as good at night. Also Mommy had to work 4 days this past week so that kind of threw you off! You're doing good with your schedule during the day, but for the sake of sanity you have got to start sleeping more at night! I say that with love, my dear!

*Well big girl! You are now sleeping in your crib in your room! The first night we put you to sleep in the rock 'n' play in your room then after I dream fed you I laid you in your crib. We read to put a wedge in your crib to mimic the incline of the rock 'n' play. You surprised us, and didn't mind sleeping flat. You actually disliked the wedge so much that you would scoot yourself down, and lay sideways in your crib so that you were flat. It was funny when I'd go in to get you to feed you, and you were not the way I laid you down! So the wedge came out, and you sleep great in there! If we are home you usually nap in your crib unless we just really want to hold you. I figure you won't be this little for long, and you sleep in your crib at night so we can hold you while you sleep. :) Or you sleep in your swing if it's just a little cat nap! I should probably do some adjusting to your sleep though since you're still waking up in the night to nurse...you just love late night Mommy Time!

*You are doing great about waking up at the same time every morning. But since you're night time feeds are not always the same sometimes when you wake up in the morning you had just finished eating! I have tried to feed you when you wake up even if you just ate, but you just want to play! So if Daddy is home he gets up with you, and lets Mommy sleep a little. :) This morning time with you is just precious! You're so happy in the morning!

*I felt like you were in Newborn clothes for 6 weeks! Then I was so glad when we could move you up to size 0-3. Um you probably wore this size for like a week! You quickly started wearing size 3 month, and can now wear size 3-6 month clothes! I think you have a different bow on every day to go with all your outfits! It's so fun dressing you up!

*This month in your P-Pack from Aunt Kari you got some nail polish so Mommy polished your toe nails for the first time! This was fun since you went swimming for the first time too this month so you got to show off your cute piggies! Mommy got her toes polished in the same color!

*We got you a little pink plastic pool that we put on our back porch for you to sit and splash in. Mommy & Daddy had lots of fun entertaining you with bubbles! I think next time we'll put your bath toys in the pool for you to play with! You also went swimming at Papa and Nonna's house. Daddy carried you throughout the water in your little float. I think it took longer to get you ready for the pool than you actually spent in the water, but that's ok! We enjoyed it...and soon you'll go swimming at Nanny's house!

*Mommy really needs to invest in a rug for the living room! We are just laying lots of blankets down so that you can do tummy time! You love it!! We also let you lay on your back while you play on your play mat, but you're getting so good at tummy time! You have started scooting towards toys when you're on your tummy! We are so impressed, and think you'll be crawling before too long!!

*You still spend some time in the bumbo...I added the tray to it so that you can play with the toys on top of it. You really like this! We got you an exercauser & jumper that you sit in and play so you're getting lots of sitting time. I also like to sit down on the floor with you, and see if you can do it on your own. You will be soon! You're such a strong girl!!

*We've gotten a lot more comfortable taking you out places. We just have to make sure you are fed, and well rested before going. Since we have learned what you're trying to tell us with your different cries it's made it easier to take you places. We can feed you, hold you to sleep, or try to burp you...you usually have a fussy period nearly every time we go somewhere, but then you let people see your true bright colors! :)

*You finally got to meet your friend Hayden! His mommy & daddy are Marcia & Kris! Mommy & Marcia were suite mates in college their Freshman year at SFA. Kris and Daddy instantly became friends when Mommy & Daddy started dating. Marcia was a bridesmaid in our wedding, and Kris read our favorite bible verse at our wedding. They are such sweet friends, and I can't wait for you to see Hayden again! We will be taking a trip to San Antonio soon, and making a stop at the Dunn house to visit with them.

*On Wednesdays we go to breastfeeding group. This is a good time for Mommy to ask Nurse Cindee questions about nursing. I also get to visit with other nursing mommas, and you get to see other babies! After group we take our weekly trip to your favorite store: Target! I can't help but go by the baby stuff every time we're there! And you always pick a toy out! You pretty much put all your toys in your mouth...I'm not sure you have a favorite right now...you do have a turtle and bee that hang from your car seat that you like to talk to! Too cute!!

*You're definitely getting more efficient with nursing...Sometimes you're done after 10-15 minutes! Oooook! If that seems to make you happy then that's what we'll do! You're also spitting up less since we started you on the Zantac so I think you're staying fuller for a longer period of time. You're pretty consistent with eating every 2.5-3 hours.

*Mommy & Daddy celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary during your 3rd month. Daddy was working, and Mommy had training the day of our anniversary. We still got each other gifts, but we haven't made it for our date night yet. With Mommy working lately she doesn't want to leave you! It's definitely going to be hard to go back to work in August!

*Things fell through with Miss Jennifer babysitting you so our plan is still for you to go to the Children's Lighthouse in the fall. We're still happy with the daycare, but we just thought it was going to work out so perfectly with you being at the sitter's house in the neighborhood, and Mommy teaching at the new school in the neighborhood. But that's ok...we know you'll be well taken care of!

*Since mommy had a week of training Miss Ricki & Miss Lisa babysat you on the days Daddy also had to work. You did great for them! You didn't however do so good for Mommy once I got home. You were so happy getting a bottle from them that you didn't want to nurse. We're back in our groove so hopefully once school starts you'll be able to go back & forth. :/

*It's amazing how you can go from happy & laughing to screaming in a matter of seconds! Sometimes you're just overwhelmed...sometimes you decide you're sleepy...your real tears hurt me, but they don't last long!

*Since you don't go to the doctor again until 4 months I don't have your stats on the WHO chart...and since we didn't weigh you last week since Mommy was in training & Nurse Cindee wasn't there we didn't go to breastfeeding group. So this week we'll weigh you & see how much you weigh...my guess is 11.7. Daddy's is 11! We'll see! 

We actually took your 3 month pictures on the day after you actually turned 3 months. On the day you turned 3 months you wanted to wear your weenie dog onesie to remember your 1st Puppy, Ryder. He really loved you! I'll be blogging about him next, but wanted to keep this one about you.

I love you sweetie!! Daddy says you're hungry so I'm going to feed you now! If your aunt Julia Gulia is reading this she's probably laughing right now! :)

Ryan's 1st Father's Day

After Mother's Day, my birthday, Husband's birthday, our birthday celebration, and our anniversary approaching Father's Day kind of snuck up on me!

Ryan had been telling me for a while what he wanted...I had planned to get some more baby specific things that he could use with Prestyn since she's the reason he's a father, but I decided to get him what he really wanted!

For his birthday he bought himself a new Weber grill that could be used for grilling or smoking. He's really gotten into using it. So for Father's Day he got: a Weber grilling cook book, a Weber smoking cook book, a charcoal caddy, and a weber apron that I had embroidered with "Chef Daddy." He was super happy!

When I asked him what he wanted me to make him for Father's Day he was like, "Oh no! I want to grill!" Ooook! He just said you  make your famous beans! Well my "famous beans" feed lots of people so I thought well let's invite some family over!

We invited over my mom, brothers, and nephews. We really had a good time hanging out with everybody while Ryan grilled. And the food was delicious! He smoked boneless ribs, and grilled corn on the cob that my mom brought over. Yum-O! We had a lot of fun!!

I had bought Prestyn a onesie that said: Happy Father's Day 2013, and was going to take her picture it to put in a frame about Ryan being a Dad that I bought in October! But since Father's Day snuck up on me I never got around to it...I did surprise him by dressing her in it that morning...still a picture was never taken since she pooped in and all over that onesie! haha! She sure loves her daddy!

June 10, 2013

Prestyn's 1st Swimming Experience!!!

Knowing we were going to have a baby in March we already started planning to take Prestyn swimming as soon as summer started! We bought Prestyn her first bathing suit before she was born, and once she was here she accumulated 3 more!

We thought we'd ease her into the whole swimming experience by taking baby steps...I mean she is a baby, right?! So we started with a small pool on our back porch. She was all happy to get another baby massage of sunscreen and a little swimmers diaper, but was a little confused with the bathing suit & hat and got a little fussy then...that was quickly eased with Mommy's silly noises & faces!

Ryan got in there with her first. She just looked so confused. She loves her baths so we thought she'd be comfortable with the pool...she was...just confused...I just imagine her thinking, "Ok...this is like a bath, but why do I have clothes on?! And why are they SO excited?!" haha! I was blowing bubbles for her to watch as she sat in the water...I think she was just observing & taking it all in!

I then had my turn to sit with her...I see us spending many afternoons of this this summer! That is when we aren't at the community pool or at my parent's house. We'll also be swimming at Ryan's mom's house! Fun times ahead!!

June 5, 2013

Letters to Prestyn Part II

Dear Prestyn,

I'll try to keep this short and sweet...but since I'm your mother you probably know that I am physically short and emotionally sweet, but when it comes to writing...this hardly happens!

This is one thing I wish you would have/will take after me...my love for literature! You seem to really enjoy when I read to you...I also love to write! Even if it's pointless and meaningless it's a part of literature, and gets your thoughts out!

So my question for you Prestyn is this:

What did you do for 9 months?! I mean I know you were busy growing bones and all, but seriously...could you not have written a book while you were in there?!

I wouldn't have minded giving birth to a baby, placenta, and book!

You know something that just gives your likes and dislikes. What you're trying to tell me when you're crying after you've been fed, changed, played with, tried to lay down, etc!

I love you dearly! Just sometimes I wish you came with a book! One that told me everything about you! The things you're trying to tell me when you cry...

I do the best I can to understand them, but sometimes I think I know then I have no idea! You're constantly changing! Maybe I should say it again...I love you dearly! I do! I really really do!!

Just keep being you & I'm sure your daddy and I will figure this out one day...maybe that day will be when you have kids of your own and we can say...you always liked this...yaddy yaddy yada!


I Love Girls' Days with Mommy!

P has a onesie that says this...I love girls' days with her as much as she does with me! We definitely get these days when Daddy is working...the past couple of days have been busy and full of fun! I wanted to blog about every little detail so that when I print this one day Prestyn will understand why she loves to do the things I love to do...because I take her EVERYWHERE!

Sunday morning we got up to go to church. You'll notice in the pictures that we sorta match...yes this was intentionally...I dress Prestyn then see what I can wear so we match! Ryan had to work and I was asked to serve in the nursery (I did this before P was born). I wasn't quite ready to put her in her own room in the nursery so she went with me to the 6 month old room. She did so good! I rocked her for a while then she fell asleep...I thought it was time to put her down so that I could help with the other babies. I laid her in a crib and she woke up! But she was content playing with her dress...I began feeding a bottle to another baby which I realized I don't really know how to do since I've never given Prestyn a bottle...hmmm...one of the other volunteers wanted to hold her so I said SURE GO AHEAD! What do you know...P was content for um about 5 seconds then started rooting at the woman's breast...TMI? So once she realized there was nothing there she began screaming. Soooo I took her into the Mother's Room to nurse then she was once again happy baby! Happy and sleepy baby!

She immediately fell asleep in the car, but we had more errands to run! We made a quick trip to her Nonna's house since I needed to use the restroom! haha! So Nonna & Uncle Rock got to hold P for a little bit then it was time to go on about our day! We went to Target to get some things for us, but also some baby shower gifts!

One of the girls from Life Group is expecting a baby boy so P joined me at the shower. She was an absolute doll while we were there! After we left it was time to go meet a nice lady who wanted to buy P's bassinet. Since she never really used it there was no sense in keeping it!

To take up time while we waited to meet the lady we went grocery shopping. At the grocery store we saw the wedding planner from the Wedding Chapel where Ryan and I got married. She was so happy to see that we were doing so well, and that we had this new little blessing in our life!

These days it's rare that I cook dinner, but when I do P likes to sit in her bouncer and watch me while I sing to her...she also plays with the plastic cookie cutters! So fun!! We made a yummy dinner for the working daddy!

Goodness I am rambling! Who cares...quit reading now if you want! :) The following day Ryan worked again... :( we certainly miss him when he's gone, but try to stay busy! Our dear friends Meghan & Saylor are home on Mondays so we got to see them! After a trip to Costco (first time in the Ergo=Success!) we went to Meghan & Saylor's for some play time! The girls ate then we were off the park! P fell asleep when we got in the car, and did not wake up the entire time we went swinging! I guess it was really relaxing for her! We had so much fun!

We were then on our way to Forney! According to Aunt Leslie Mommy has gotten a little carried away with the swaps with the groups on FB! But Mommy's obsession has gotten you 2 new exersaucers and a new play mat! It was a long day for you in the car, but you did great!

We then invited ourselves to Grey's house where you got to play with Amy & watch the Bachelorette! One of these days you and Grey are going to be happy at the same time & actually play with each other! Until then her mommy & I will enjoy time together. :)

After a long day you were ready to go night night! So we skipped your bath, and you went to bed probably the easiest you have since we had you! Can we please do that again?!

Girls Days continue! This week P has joined me to visit my school & classroom. She got to meet my kids and hear all the noise she heard when she was inside the womb. :)

Thanks for the great days P! Love you!!