June 23, 2013

Prestyn's 3rd Month

Dear Prestyn,

Seriously! Slow down!! You're getting too big too fast! Mommy can't handle it! I am however very pleased with the strides you've made in your 3rd month! Read on to find out about them! :)

*So the things that really get you laughing and cooing is when we pretend to eat your piggies! You are just fascinated with our faces...darling, we could stare at you as long as you stare at us! You just smile! It's so sweet! You've been playing this new game when you're nursing where you stop to look & laugh at Mommy then go back to nursing...stinker! You need to eat!

*Since I'm up with you during the night, or sometimes nursing you in the car when there's not much going on I usually read baby apps on my phone. So you've gone through your 12 week growth spurt (you nursed for an hour & a half one day!), you're in your 3 month growth spurt right now. And coming up is 5 weeks of a stormy period according to Wonder Weeks...that just means your little brain is just developing away making another leap! So with all this growth you're not sleeping as good at night. Also Mommy had to work 4 days this past week so that kind of threw you off! You're doing good with your schedule during the day, but for the sake of sanity you have got to start sleeping more at night! I say that with love, my dear!

*Well big girl! You are now sleeping in your crib in your room! The first night we put you to sleep in the rock 'n' play in your room then after I dream fed you I laid you in your crib. We read to put a wedge in your crib to mimic the incline of the rock 'n' play. You surprised us, and didn't mind sleeping flat. You actually disliked the wedge so much that you would scoot yourself down, and lay sideways in your crib so that you were flat. It was funny when I'd go in to get you to feed you, and you were not the way I laid you down! So the wedge came out, and you sleep great in there! If we are home you usually nap in your crib unless we just really want to hold you. I figure you won't be this little for long, and you sleep in your crib at night so we can hold you while you sleep. :) Or you sleep in your swing if it's just a little cat nap! I should probably do some adjusting to your sleep though since you're still waking up in the night to nurse...you just love late night Mommy Time!

*You are doing great about waking up at the same time every morning. But since you're night time feeds are not always the same sometimes when you wake up in the morning you had just finished eating! I have tried to feed you when you wake up even if you just ate, but you just want to play! So if Daddy is home he gets up with you, and lets Mommy sleep a little. :) This morning time with you is just precious! You're so happy in the morning!

*I felt like you were in Newborn clothes for 6 weeks! Then I was so glad when we could move you up to size 0-3. Um you probably wore this size for like a week! You quickly started wearing size 3 month, and can now wear size 3-6 month clothes! I think you have a different bow on every day to go with all your outfits! It's so fun dressing you up!

*This month in your P-Pack from Aunt Kari you got some nail polish so Mommy polished your toe nails for the first time! This was fun since you went swimming for the first time too this month so you got to show off your cute piggies! Mommy got her toes polished in the same color!

*We got you a little pink plastic pool that we put on our back porch for you to sit and splash in. Mommy & Daddy had lots of fun entertaining you with bubbles! I think next time we'll put your bath toys in the pool for you to play with! You also went swimming at Papa and Nonna's house. Daddy carried you throughout the water in your little float. I think it took longer to get you ready for the pool than you actually spent in the water, but that's ok! We enjoyed it...and soon you'll go swimming at Nanny's house!

*Mommy really needs to invest in a rug for the living room! We are just laying lots of blankets down so that you can do tummy time! You love it!! We also let you lay on your back while you play on your play mat, but you're getting so good at tummy time! You have started scooting towards toys when you're on your tummy! We are so impressed, and think you'll be crawling before too long!!

*You still spend some time in the bumbo...I added the tray to it so that you can play with the toys on top of it. You really like this! We got you an exercauser & jumper that you sit in and play so you're getting lots of sitting time. I also like to sit down on the floor with you, and see if you can do it on your own. You will be soon! You're such a strong girl!!

*We've gotten a lot more comfortable taking you out places. We just have to make sure you are fed, and well rested before going. Since we have learned what you're trying to tell us with your different cries it's made it easier to take you places. We can feed you, hold you to sleep, or try to burp you...you usually have a fussy period nearly every time we go somewhere, but then you let people see your true bright colors! :)

*You finally got to meet your friend Hayden! His mommy & daddy are Marcia & Kris! Mommy & Marcia were suite mates in college their Freshman year at SFA. Kris and Daddy instantly became friends when Mommy & Daddy started dating. Marcia was a bridesmaid in our wedding, and Kris read our favorite bible verse at our wedding. They are such sweet friends, and I can't wait for you to see Hayden again! We will be taking a trip to San Antonio soon, and making a stop at the Dunn house to visit with them.

*On Wednesdays we go to breastfeeding group. This is a good time for Mommy to ask Nurse Cindee questions about nursing. I also get to visit with other nursing mommas, and you get to see other babies! After group we take our weekly trip to your favorite store: Target! I can't help but go by the baby stuff every time we're there! And you always pick a toy out! You pretty much put all your toys in your mouth...I'm not sure you have a favorite right now...you do have a turtle and bee that hang from your car seat that you like to talk to! Too cute!!

*You're definitely getting more efficient with nursing...Sometimes you're done after 10-15 minutes! Oooook! If that seems to make you happy then that's what we'll do! You're also spitting up less since we started you on the Zantac so I think you're staying fuller for a longer period of time. You're pretty consistent with eating every 2.5-3 hours.

*Mommy & Daddy celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary during your 3rd month. Daddy was working, and Mommy had training the day of our anniversary. We still got each other gifts, but we haven't made it for our date night yet. With Mommy working lately she doesn't want to leave you! It's definitely going to be hard to go back to work in August!

*Things fell through with Miss Jennifer babysitting you so our plan is still for you to go to the Children's Lighthouse in the fall. We're still happy with the daycare, but we just thought it was going to work out so perfectly with you being at the sitter's house in the neighborhood, and Mommy teaching at the new school in the neighborhood. But that's ok...we know you'll be well taken care of!

*Since mommy had a week of training Miss Ricki & Miss Lisa babysat you on the days Daddy also had to work. You did great for them! You didn't however do so good for Mommy once I got home. You were so happy getting a bottle from them that you didn't want to nurse. We're back in our groove so hopefully once school starts you'll be able to go back & forth. :/

*It's amazing how you can go from happy & laughing to screaming in a matter of seconds! Sometimes you're just overwhelmed...sometimes you decide you're sleepy...your real tears hurt me, but they don't last long!

*Since you don't go to the doctor again until 4 months I don't have your stats on the WHO chart...and since we didn't weigh you last week since Mommy was in training & Nurse Cindee wasn't there we didn't go to breastfeeding group. So this week we'll weigh you & see how much you weigh...my guess is 11.7. Daddy's is 11! We'll see! 

We actually took your 3 month pictures on the day after you actually turned 3 months. On the day you turned 3 months you wanted to wear your weenie dog onesie to remember your 1st Puppy, Ryder. He really loved you! I'll be blogging about him next, but wanted to keep this one about you.

I love you sweetie!! Daddy says you're hungry so I'm going to feed you now! If your aunt Julia Gulia is reading this she's probably laughing right now! :)


  1. Happy 3 month sweet girl! I love the idea of using a tray with the Bumbo for play time! I am pretty sure Prestyn and Grey weigh just about the same, but Grey girl is still rockin' her NB clothes, 0-3 are too big! How funny! I just love all her sweet faces! Time to have a "real" play date soon!

    1. We really need to!! Prestyn's 0-3 are mostly too short! So funny how she can wear 3-6 now!

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  3. When are you going to San Antonio... we are thinking of taking Dylan to Sea World!

    1. Thanks Kari! Yeah I found some on there that I liked...guess now's the time to get it since they're 50% off! :)

      We are going July 11-14. My dad's apartment is right by Sea World!

  4. She is TOO cute! I miss the days when I could put hundreds of bows on Abigail and she wouldn't rip them out! :( So glad she's doing well in her crib! I know we think it's funny that they would like to sleep laying flat down, but they do! The things we learn! Ha!