June 30, 2013

Our Weekend

Since Miss Priss was born the weekends haven't really felt any different than any other day...and with Ryan's schedule all days just kind of seem the same! I remember when it was Memorial Day weekend, and everybody was making BIG plans for the weekend. I thought, "What's the big deal? It's just another weekend!" haha! But I'm blessed enough to not have to work since Miss Priss was born...but this weekend was full of events, and tons of fun!

On Friday Ryan played a game of golf with his dad & uncle. He said he spent more time in the woods looking for his ball than he did actually playing the game. Bless his heart...he might need some more lessons or time at Top Golf! I don't think he'll object to that...all in all though I think it was a good time he had with his dad & uncle. :)

The past couple of weeks Prestyn and I have been fortunate enough to spend Fridays with my nephews Jake & Jared. I've tried to keep us busy with different activities...The boys come over pretty early since their dad drops them off before work so they usually like to nap once they get here. :) Once Prestyn was up from her nap I got her ready for the pool, and the boys got ready to go too! We all had a lot of fun having a little picnic lunch, and swimming at the pool! Prestyn was ready to nap once we got there, but did get some splash time too. :) I treated the boys to ice cream at Coldstone. It was their first trip there...I think they liked it! We then had to get a wedding shower gift at Bed, Bath, and Beyond (we had enough time...just not enough time for Home Depot.) (Old School watchers are LOLing right now...) ;) Our afternoon finished up with the boys playing the Wii, and you guessed it...Prestyn napping!

Saturday was supposed to be Ryan's 10 year reunion. A few of them decided to be "Reunion Rebels" and opt out of paying the $45 to go, and just go out for a night of fun instead! Since we still hadn't had a dinner out to "celebrate our anniversary" we decided to kill 2 birds with one stone! So we met up with one of our favorite couples, the Westcott's, at PF Chang's in downtown Fort Worth. After a yummy dinner we met up with some of Ryan's old high school friends at Flying Saucer. It was fun to be out in a new town while Grammies babysat little miss! It really worked out that earlier that afternoon was a wedding shower for my friend, Amanda. The shower was on the way out to Ryan's mom's house so P and I got to hang out there for a while. :) I am so happy for Amanda & Calen and cannot wait for their big day in 3 weeks!!

With the busyness of the weekend Prestyn's schedule was off quite a bit! She missed a couple naps, but was happy because there was so much going on, and so many people to see! When we left for dinner she was starting to get sleepy, and got a little upset. Sweet Grammies did such a good job getting her down for a nap, and making us feel reassured that she was safe, happy, and healthy. :)

Since we planned on being out late Saturday night we planned on staying at Grammies. We had a yummy breakfast Sunday morning then were off to Rockwall for church. I'm serving in one of the nursery rooms so we planned to drop Prestyn off in her room then I would go serve. Well when I checked her in her room was full so she was bumped to the room I was serving in! So I got to love on Miss P while I served, but also love on other babies!

After church Sunday morning we got to go visit our friends Robin, Travis, and Graci who welcomed a new baby boy, Tex! He is so precious & seems to be such a good baby! They are all doing well, and we are so happy for them! I didn't get any pictures of Tex, but I know we'll be seeing them again soon!

I'm sure this post is putting you all to sleep...and the weekend put me to sleep! Once we were finally home I took 2 naps while sweet Husband took care of Prestyn AND cooked dinner! Am I blessed or what?!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well! Next post:: deats on our anniversary!!

Cheers! XOXO

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  1. Haha, this reminds me of why I get annoyed at all of the "yay! it's friday!" facebook posts! I'm a mom and I don't get to do anything fun or sleep-in on the weekend... so... blugh! ;)