June 5, 2013

Letters to Prestyn Part II

Dear Prestyn,

I'll try to keep this short and sweet...but since I'm your mother you probably know that I am physically short and emotionally sweet, but when it comes to writing...this hardly happens!

This is one thing I wish you would have/will take after me...my love for literature! You seem to really enjoy when I read to you...I also love to write! Even if it's pointless and meaningless it's a part of literature, and gets your thoughts out!

So my question for you Prestyn is this:

What did you do for 9 months?! I mean I know you were busy growing bones and all, but seriously...could you not have written a book while you were in there?!

I wouldn't have minded giving birth to a baby, placenta, and book!

You know something that just gives your likes and dislikes. What you're trying to tell me when you're crying after you've been fed, changed, played with, tried to lay down, etc!

I love you dearly! Just sometimes I wish you came with a book! One that told me everything about you! The things you're trying to tell me when you cry...

I do the best I can to understand them, but sometimes I think I know then I have no idea! You're constantly changing! Maybe I should say it again...I love you dearly! I do! I really really do!!

Just keep being you & I'm sure your daddy and I will figure this out one day...maybe that day will be when you have kids of your own and we can say...you always liked this...yaddy yaddy yada!


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  1. Seriously! Every baby should write their mommy a book...but then what fun would that be when they're screaming?!