June 10, 2013

Prestyn's 1st Swimming Experience!!!

Knowing we were going to have a baby in March we already started planning to take Prestyn swimming as soon as summer started! We bought Prestyn her first bathing suit before she was born, and once she was here she accumulated 3 more!

We thought we'd ease her into the whole swimming experience by taking baby steps...I mean she is a baby, right?! So we started with a small pool on our back porch. She was all happy to get another baby massage of sunscreen and a little swimmers diaper, but was a little confused with the bathing suit & hat and got a little fussy then...that was quickly eased with Mommy's silly noises & faces!

Ryan got in there with her first. She just looked so confused. She loves her baths so we thought she'd be comfortable with the pool...she was...just confused...I just imagine her thinking, "Ok...this is like a bath, but why do I have clothes on?! And why are they SO excited?!" haha! I was blowing bubbles for her to watch as she sat in the water...I think she was just observing & taking it all in!

I then had my turn to sit with her...I see us spending many afternoons of this this summer! That is when we aren't at the community pool or at my parent's house. We'll also be swimming at Ryan's mom's house! Fun times ahead!!

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