June 5, 2013

I Love Girls' Days with Mommy!

P has a onesie that says this...I love girls' days with her as much as she does with me! We definitely get these days when Daddy is working...the past couple of days have been busy and full of fun! I wanted to blog about every little detail so that when I print this one day Prestyn will understand why she loves to do the things I love to do...because I take her EVERYWHERE!

Sunday morning we got up to go to church. You'll notice in the pictures that we sorta match...yes this was intentionally...I dress Prestyn then see what I can wear so we match! Ryan had to work and I was asked to serve in the nursery (I did this before P was born). I wasn't quite ready to put her in her own room in the nursery so she went with me to the 6 month old room. She did so good! I rocked her for a while then she fell asleep...I thought it was time to put her down so that I could help with the other babies. I laid her in a crib and she woke up! But she was content playing with her dress...I began feeding a bottle to another baby which I realized I don't really know how to do since I've never given Prestyn a bottle...hmmm...one of the other volunteers wanted to hold her so I said SURE GO AHEAD! What do you know...P was content for um about 5 seconds then started rooting at the woman's breast...TMI? So once she realized there was nothing there she began screaming. Soooo I took her into the Mother's Room to nurse then she was once again happy baby! Happy and sleepy baby!

She immediately fell asleep in the car, but we had more errands to run! We made a quick trip to her Nonna's house since I needed to use the restroom! haha! So Nonna & Uncle Rock got to hold P for a little bit then it was time to go on about our day! We went to Target to get some things for us, but also some baby shower gifts!

One of the girls from Life Group is expecting a baby boy so P joined me at the shower. She was an absolute doll while we were there! After we left it was time to go meet a nice lady who wanted to buy P's bassinet. Since she never really used it there was no sense in keeping it!

To take up time while we waited to meet the lady we went grocery shopping. At the grocery store we saw the wedding planner from the Wedding Chapel where Ryan and I got married. She was so happy to see that we were doing so well, and that we had this new little blessing in our life!

These days it's rare that I cook dinner, but when I do P likes to sit in her bouncer and watch me while I sing to her...she also plays with the plastic cookie cutters! So fun!! We made a yummy dinner for the working daddy!

Goodness I am rambling! Who cares...quit reading now if you want! :) The following day Ryan worked again... :( we certainly miss him when he's gone, but try to stay busy! Our dear friends Meghan & Saylor are home on Mondays so we got to see them! After a trip to Costco (first time in the Ergo=Success!) we went to Meghan & Saylor's for some play time! The girls ate then we were off the park! P fell asleep when we got in the car, and did not wake up the entire time we went swinging! I guess it was really relaxing for her! We had so much fun!

We were then on our way to Forney! According to Aunt Leslie Mommy has gotten a little carried away with the swaps with the groups on FB! But Mommy's obsession has gotten you 2 new exersaucers and a new play mat! It was a long day for you in the car, but you did great!

We then invited ourselves to Grey's house where you got to play with Amy & watch the Bachelorette! One of these days you and Grey are going to be happy at the same time & actually play with each other! Until then her mommy & I will enjoy time together. :)

After a long day you were ready to go night night! So we skipped your bath, and you went to bed probably the easiest you have since we had you! Can we please do that again?!

Girls Days continue! This week P has joined me to visit my school & classroom. She got to meet my kids and hear all the noise she heard when she was inside the womb. :)

Thanks for the great days P! Love you!!

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  1. We are so blessed to spend our days with these little ones!!!