June 23, 2013

Ryan's 1st Father's Day

After Mother's Day, my birthday, Husband's birthday, our birthday celebration, and our anniversary approaching Father's Day kind of snuck up on me!

Ryan had been telling me for a while what he wanted...I had planned to get some more baby specific things that he could use with Prestyn since she's the reason he's a father, but I decided to get him what he really wanted!

For his birthday he bought himself a new Weber grill that could be used for grilling or smoking. He's really gotten into using it. So for Father's Day he got: a Weber grilling cook book, a Weber smoking cook book, a charcoal caddy, and a weber apron that I had embroidered with "Chef Daddy." He was super happy!

When I asked him what he wanted me to make him for Father's Day he was like, "Oh no! I want to grill!" Ooook! He just said you  make your famous beans! Well my "famous beans" feed lots of people so I thought well let's invite some family over!

We invited over my mom, brothers, and nephews. We really had a good time hanging out with everybody while Ryan grilled. And the food was delicious! He smoked boneless ribs, and grilled corn on the cob that my mom brought over. Yum-O! We had a lot of fun!!

I had bought Prestyn a onesie that said: Happy Father's Day 2013, and was going to take her picture it to put in a frame about Ryan being a Dad that I bought in October! But since Father's Day snuck up on me I never got around to it...I did surprise him by dressing her in it that morning...still a picture was never taken since she pooped in and all over that onesie! haha! She sure loves her daddy!

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  1. Ha! Our April & June are like that! My birthday, Abigail's birthday, Mother's Day, Bryan's Birthday, Father's Day, and our anniversary!

    It must be a guy thing, but Bryan ALWAYS wants to grill out and have people over to eat his BBQ! We can take turns and go to each other's houses so our men can grill! ;)