June 5, 2013

Husband's Birthday

Husband was all excited about my birthday, but when it came time for his birthday he felt about the same way as I did...just kinda bleh to turn 29. We had already planned to have a joint birthday "party" so for his actual birthday it was pretty low key...

Husband actually had to work on his birthday. :( We went to dinner the night before at one of his favorite restaurants...On the Border! Ha! Not my idea of good Mexican food, but since I hadn't had it in a while it was pretty good! Husband of course enjoyed a birthday margarita. :) We were happy to take Prestyn with us, and she was well behaved the entire dinner!

Earlier this day I had to run out to get Husband's final birthday present. Once we got home from dinner I wrapped his presents...I thought about telling him he couldn't have them until the day after his birthday since we weren't going to be with him on his actual birthday...all along I had planned on visiting him at the fire station on his birthday, and was going to surprise him with presents. But then I didn't want him to get suspicious and wanted him to get presents on his birthday!

So Husband's presents were all wrapped, and ready for him for the morning of his birthday! I knew P and I would be up anyway the morning of at some point so we could watch him open his presents...Husband couldn't wait! He opened them while we were sleeping! haha! I'm a little disappointed I didn't get to see his reaction, but I know he liked them. :) He got:: a new phone, a personalized phone cover, Wheel of Fortune game for the Wii, and a collage to take to the fire station with pictures of me and P.

I kind of thought Husband suspected that we'd be going to the fire station since he never asked what we planned on doing that day. But as we were getting ready to leave I was telling him we were getting ready to take a nap. Much to his surprise we showed up at the fire station!

P picked out a special outfit for her daddy's birthday which included fire truck leg warmers & her Longhorns paci. I tried to match her outfit because I really wanted some good family pictures at the station! We got some! And I was so glad since we didn't get any newborn pics with Ryan's gear...that's another story...I'll post about newborn pics including the pictures after I finally send these announcements out!

We weren't at the station long when the guys got a call so off they go! We hung out until they got back, took our pictures, then P was ready to leave! Here's the kicker::

Every time I go to Watauga I have to make a stop to Rosa's! It just makes me feel like I'm in Lubbock, and I lubbock that place! Since I made this stop I went home a different way than a came...wrong choice! Detour! It took us about 30 minutes just to get on the highway!

Once we were on the highway it was smooth sailing...until...we hit rush hour traffic! We finally got to a point where songs & a paci were not going to hold P over any longer...I had to pull over at a not so safe area to feed her...we were fine though! And headed on our way home...it's a good thing I didn't wait to feed her since it took a total of 3.5 hours to get home!

I know this post is about Husband's birthday & all glory to him BUT...what ever happened to courtesy drivers?! uugghh!! I was getting so frustrated, but because I'm a lady...a southern lady...and a mother...I neither gave the finger or yelled curse words...although I kinda wanted to...learn some road manners people!!!

And that's all I have to say about that!

Cheers to turning 29 husband!! XOXO

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