June 4, 2013

Growth Spurts

"They" say growth spurts happen at 3 days, 7 days, 10 days then 3, 6, 9, 12 weeks and months...here's my thoughts on how these growth spurts have gone!

3 days--oh my! At this point I didn't know there was a 3 day growth spurt, but it TOTALLY explains that day in the hospital...talk about cluster feeding! You were just a growing, and wanted to do nothing but eat!

7 days--yeah right...like I remember what happened at 7 days. We were at home, and I felt like all you did was eat and sleep...which is what I did too...so yeah I don't remember much from this point!

10 days--This was right around Easter. You didn't eat or sleep anymore than before, but this is when we started noticing your growth in development. You started interacting with us after this spurt. :)

3 weeks--Yeah...I thought this was bad...until we got to the 6 week which I'll talk about next. At 3 weeks we started feeling much more comfortable with taking you places. We took you to Life Group for the first time. You SCREAMED when you were ready to eat & Mommy had to hurry to the Mother's Room to feed you...you wanted to nurse FOREVER...after about 40 minutes Mommy knew Daddy was waiting to leave so I unlatched you, and off we went...BIG MISTAKE! HUGE! Life Group was having a picnic after church this day so we took you to that...again...all you wanted to do was eat. Mommy still wasn't quite comfortable nursing in public so most of the picnic time was spent nursing you in the car...you finally went to sleep so Mommy could eat. :)

6 weeks--mmmm hmmm yeah....this one lasted FOREVER! You were wanting to nurse every 2 hours! And Mommy let you of course because I knew you were going through a growth spurt! At 8 weeks you were still nursing every 2 hours, and Mommy could not get anything done! You started having a lot more awake time with this growth spurt so you'd eat, play, barely sleep, then want to eat again! So...yeah...at 8 weeks Mommy thought...we've got to do something to get back to eating every 2.5 hours! It took 1 day of extended your nap 30 minutes then feeding you. The first 2 times we did it that day were a little difficult, but you did it! And we were back to eating every 2.5 hours!

9 weeks--I think this has been my favorite growth spurt! You began sleeping loner & going 3 hours between feedings! Mommy is able to get lots done, and may just finally send your birth announcements! ha! After this growth spurt I actually had to wake you for day time feedings! Daddy was ready to move you to your room at 8 weeks, but Mommy wanted to wait until 1 week after your 2 month shots...well...1 week after your 2 month shots was the 9 week growth spurt. It has taken you some time to adjust to sleeping in your crib, but you're doing it so no turning back! So I'm not sure if it's the growth spurt or sleeping in your box now, but you went from only waking up once at night to waking up 2-3 times. :(

We are in week 11 and I think you're getting back to only waking up once during the night. Knock on wood that this continues! Mommy makes it a point to thank Jesus every time you have a good sleeping session! I believe He is looking out for you kid. :) ... and Mommy too!

Up next:: the 12 week/3 month growth spurt. Oy! :)

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