May 31, 2013

Let Freedom Ring!

Let the white doves sing...let the whole world know that today is a day of reckoning! Let the weak be strong...let the right be wrong...roll the stone away...let freedom's...Memorial Day!

So Memorial Day and Independence Day may be celebrated on different days and technically for different reasons, but the bottom line is we live in a free country that is free because of our fore fathers and the men and women who have continued to serve so that our freedom may continue...

What a wonderful country we live in to be able to celebrate those who serve! It's not just about the day off and grilling out, but the reason behind the season!

How did we spend our Memorial Day?! Well...considering I haven't worked since Spring Break and Husband has every 3rd day off all my days run together so when most were so excited for the extra day I was just excited that those who deserve the daily recognition were getting it! However we did enjoy the day off & grilled!

Husband got a new grill for an early birthday present, and was super excited to smoke a brisket all day! While he manned the grill I took care of the baby & got some things around the house picked up. :) For me...that was an enjoyable day!

The food was wonderful! Especially for a 1st timer! And P and I really enjoyed our time outside! It's so fun to see her grabbing, playing, and laughing with her toys!

Way to go Husband! We'll let you continue to grill out for us... :) BTW...this was P's 2nd outfit of the day...she wasn't in the 1st one long enough for the picture! Let's just say...she loves America!


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