May 28, 2013

Date Nights

I began this blog when Ryan and I were engaged...I often blogged about (or had intentions to blog about) our weekly date nights...I was quite flattered recently to be asked from a friend for ideas for date night. :) We take date nights seriously as it's a time for us to be completely focused on each other...and now that we have a little one date nights are even more important! So I thought I'd blog about our recent ones. :)

It took a couple weeks for a couple reasons...1. I had to have enough milk pumped for Prestyn to get a bottle & I didn't start pumping until she was a month old. 2. I had major surgery (Husband is laughing out loud at that one) so outings took lots of energy & I was sore & exhausted...3. We're new parents and are so in love with our little girl that we weren't ready to leave we just took her with us everywhere!

Our first official date night (we went to Chipotle and church one evening & left P with my mom, but Ryan doesn't think that counts..) so our first official date night was on a day that both my mom & dad could babysit! For those who don't know my dad works & lives in San Antonio, and hasn't seen Prestyn since she was born so he quickly jumped on the opportunity to join my mom here at our home to babysit P! ...even though he ended up taking a nap while Mom did most of the work! haha!

Sorry...I'm rambling! I've been craving hibachi & sushi since I was pregnant...sushi I couldn't have...hibachi I could, but never we went to Edohana (sp?) for date night! Since it was a celebration or (monument as Husband would call it) we went ALL out! We ordered a bottle of wine, sushi, edamami, and had a hibachi meal! I was really taking my time enjoying this one-on-one time with my husband since our baby was born. Once we finished...the night was young! Prestyn was doing great with Nonna and Papa (they were sending us pictures of the good time she was having & smiles to show it!). Our friends were having neighbors over so we went on over there. Tons of fun! But eventually we were ready to come home to our princess. :)

Since then we have kept up with our weekly date nights. This past weekend Ryan's mom & her boyfriend came to babysit while we went to a movie! And this weekend we will be celebrating our birthdays with our friends while my mom babysits.

I love Husband & our date nights!

P.S. If you have any creative ideas for date nights let me know...we're always in for fun & different things!



  1. Tell Ryan I will slice him open down there and see how he feels!

  2. Let me know when Auntie Laura and cousins Sydney and Ethan are able to babysit. :)