May 31, 2013

How Lucky am I?!

Sometimes I just lay in bed saying my prayers thinking how blessed I am! Or sitting in a nice relaxing bath thinking how lucky I am!

So taking a nice relaxing bath is something I did would think that being a mother would be it would become even more sporatic Oh the contrary! I take a bubble bath every other night & it is amazing!

After P's bath Husband puts her to bed, and I take a bath! When Prestyn was still sleeping in our room I would hear Husband singing to her and lulling her to sleep...I thought I was going to miss that when she was moved to her own room...

Thankfully our bathroom backs up to her bedroom so I can still hear him singing to her...even if it's just twinkle twinkle & wheels on the bus over and over again! He does it...and it works! And it makes me smile!

He certainly has a touch that I don't...I can make her smile all day long, but when it's time to go to bed...Mommy does not have the special touch! I guess she relates me to fun and him to sleep! haha!

So as much as my little one smiles also reminds me how lucky I am! We are always told what a happy baby we have! Since she's our only one it's all I know, but I do feel quite lucky & blessed to have such a happy baby! I'm not sure if that's because she comes from such happy parents or the fact that we educated ourselves with the 5 S's from the Happiest Baby on the Block DVD before she was born! ::Note to New Parents:: The 5 S's work!

I'm also trying to practice the ways of Babywise...Read my Eat::Play::Sleep post about the book it says that you will have a happy baby, and many people will tell you how lucky you are to have such a happy baby!

Yes...we are lucky...but we also work VERY hard! I'm not going to lie...she does get cranky! And for those who have only seen that side...I'm sorry! :( When she's in an environment that she knows and is comfortable with she's extremely happy...but yes...we have to work very hard to ensure this! It means being very engaged during her awake time & making sure she gets good sleep!

To have a husband who is also so helpful with our daughter makes me feel incredibly blessed. It's the little things...the fact that I get to take a bubble bath every other night...the fact that when she wakes up & it's not time to eat he spends time with her so I can sleep a little bit :) It's all the little things that add up to make one big thing...A LUCKY LIFE! :)

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  1. "I guess she relates me to fun and him to sleep! haha!" Is Daddy booorrrrinnngg?? Hahaha!