May 23, 2013

Prestyn's 2nd Month

Dear Prestyn,

I cannot believe you are already 2 months old! It's true what they say...time flies when you're having fun! I do have to say though...the 1st month didn't fly as fast! haha! That month was a month of both of us getting used to this new life! But the 2nd month...oh it's been so fun!!

*You are really smiling and laughing a lot now! We have figured out that you love when we sing and dance with you. You like when we move your arms and legs to make you dance! Oh your giggles get Mommy really laughing! Sometimes it makes me want to cry because of how happy you are & how happy that makes me to see you so happy! Haha! Can you feel the happiness?! If you're happy and you know it clap your hands!

*You've gotten really good at sticking to your schedule! When you went through the 6 week growth spurt though...things REALLY threw us off! You started eating every 2 hours, napping for 30 minutes, and Mommy couldn't get anything done! It took one day of trying to stretch your awake time 30 more minutes, nap time 30 more minutes, and you were back to eating every 2.5 hours! Yay!! Sometimes you even go 3 hours if you're really sleepy & napping well! Weird how these days usually only happen when Mommy leaves you with Daddy...and days that Mommy needs a nap!

*You're still sleeping in the rock 'n' play in our room. However we think you're ready to move to your crib...but I don't know if I'm ready! I told Daddy I wanted to keep you in our room at least 1 week after your shots just in case you needed us close by. So next week...when Daddy will be home for 2 nights we are going to move you to your room. :( We're going to start by putting you to sleep in your rock 'n' play then laying you in your crib after you dream feed. We'll see how this goes...

*Speaking of dream feeding...this has worked wonderfully for Mommy!...and Daddy too! You go to bed around 9. Well Mommy likes to spend some time with Daddy while you're asleep so before Mommy goes to sleep I feed you while you're dreaming...this allows for both of us to get a good 5-6 hours of sleep before you wake up to eat! Doing this you're only waking up once during the night to eat! :)

*You still LOVE morning time! It's getting to where it's taking you a little time to wake up, but you just streeeeeetch on your changing table while Mommy starts your morning routine! You still get a morning massage, but no more baby powder in your hair. Mommy did this before because your hair was so greasy still! haha! But now it's fluffy so I smooth it down with your brush. :)

*You've completely outgrown your newborn pajamas. You're still able to wear some of your newborn clothes, but not many! Definitely not the newborn onesies! You're now wearing size 0-3. We realized you don't have many clothes in this size...I bought you a couple more outfits and a couple pajamas. With the rate you're growing You could be in size 3 months before too long! Since we don't have many options in size 0-3 I don't pick out your outfit the night before anymore. And also since we live in Texas we never know what the weather's going to do! Me picking out your outfits in the morning gives you time to lay on your tummy on your lamb mat!

*You're getting so much better at tummy time, and really enjoying it! You immediately lift your head up and start looking around. We do tummy time after nearly every diaper change. Sometimes you roll over in the short second Mommy is getting your bows out of your closet! If you seem to be having fun during tummy time I'll sometimes read to you, or play with a toy so that you can lift up and see.

*We've also started putting you in the bumbo chair for a little bit each day! So after tummy time I'll put you in the bumbo to see the pictures of the story I read...or I'll read you a new story. Or we'll play with toys! I do most of the playing just like to watch. :) You have such good head control, and a strong trunk that you were ready for the bumbo! Hopefully it will help you to sit unassisted!

*You take most of your naps in your bed now...which is good! There was a point though where you would ONLY nap in you bed which made it hard when we were you'll nap in Mommy arms which makes me happy! You also like to sleep in the car after you've looked out the window for a few minutes...then you're out!

*Your boy-fran, Jaxson, his mommy went back to work so we don't see them as often...but you're always happy to see Miss Kristina and Jaxson! We haven't gotten to see your friend Grey again either, but you will! Don't worry! You did get to meet your new friend, Piper! She lives right behind us with her mommy, Shawna, Daddy, Josh, and brother, Kingston. They'll be moving soon so hopefully you and Piper get lots of play time together before they do! You & Saylor had some fun play time together. Saylor's mommy, Meghan & I, grew up together & hope the same for you and Saylor. I guess since we were such good friends we have the same taste in baby clothes! You & Saylor have 2 matching outfits...that we know of! So we had to get pictures of you with Saylor in your matching outfits!

*It's a good thing that you're getting better at sitting. We'll keep working on this because I think you're getting bored with your play mat and jungle gym. You still laugh when you see yourself in the mirror, but you're not content playing the piano as long anymore...You have noticed the mirror on your swing though. If you look up and see yourself it makes you laugh! You've also noticed the birds hanging from your bouncer that bounce as you kick and bounce. This REALLY gets you going! So sweet to hear your laughter!!

*Today you are 9 weeks and 1 day. "They" say growth spurts happen at 3, 6, 9, 12 weeks & months. You may be in your 9 week growth spurt now. Or you're still feeling the effects of your 2 month shots. Or a combination of both! You are VERY sleepy and nursed for 45 minutes this evening! So unlike you! You're a 30 minute nurser...sometimes a little less, but never more!

*Mommy & Daddy have gotten back into our routine of a weekly date night. Nonna has babysat you alone. Nonna & Papa have babysat you. And tomorrow night Grammies and Steve are going to babysit you. You haven't had any trouble taking a bottle from others so we hope this continues. :) It's easier for people to babysit you at our house...maybe eventually you'll be able to go somewhere to be babysat...for now...our home is most comfortable for you. :)

*Mommy and Daddy met Miss Jennifer who is going to babysit you when Mommy goes back to work in the fall. She lives on the street behind us so it'll be wonderful to have you close since Mommy will be teaching at the school in our neighborhood! Now that you've had your 2 month shots we'll consider taking you to the nursery at church while we go to big service...I think I'll still want to take you to Life Group though since 2 hours away from you is too long! Baby steps...

*I am enjoying every moment of you right now. But I'm anxious for you to talk when the day comes...your facial expressions say a lot so I can only imagine what will come out of your mouth one day! We have figured out your tired cry and hunger cry...and we had to hear your painful cry for the first time when you got your shots. This was hard...but not as hard as I thought it was going to be...your tears are what really bother me. :( I hate to see you upset!

*You go to breastfeeding group every Wednesday with Mommy. Here Nurse Cindee weighs you to ease Mommy's worries about you not gaining enough. 1 week you weighed 8.12. 2 weeks later you weighed 9.10! I was pretty proud since my milk is what's helping you gain weight! However...when we went for your 2 month check up your pediatrician, Dr. Drake, was happy that you're gaining weight but...not as much as we'd like to see. At a previous appointment we had talked about your reflux since you spit up often. You're still spitting up so we started giving you Zantac. Maybe you'll be able to keep more milk down, and REALLY start gaining! You DO NOT like the way the Zantac tastes! I'll ask the pharmacist if we can add some better flavor next time we have to get you a refill. :)

Here's how you rated on the WHO Growth Chart:

*Weight: 9 lbs 10 oz 12th Percentile
*Length: 22 in. 28th Percentile
*Head Circumference: 38.6 cm 61st Percentile

And my dear Prestyn...I leave you with this: every day is a gift...that's why it's called the present! Thank you for being a daily gift from God for me. We love you! Xoxo

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