July 2, 2013

2 Year Anniversity

No...that is not a type-o. We call our anniversary a anniversity...it's an inside joke, but I'm feeling generous so that you can all laugh here's why::

After we'd been married for 6 months Ryan left me a sweet note on our bathroom mirror that said: Happy 6 Month Anniversity! I was like, anniversity?! I have to give credit to my friend Amy who said...what's that? The college of marriages? Haha! So now we call it an anniversity & laugh about it every time! Who knows what he was thinking about when he wrote that, but it was at about 4 in the morning so the thought was nice. :)

It took us a while to celebrate our anniversary...with an infant & a the recent events of our puppy the celebration was put a hold a little bit. If you read our previous post you have an idea on how we celebrated.

I am all about the traditions! This year the traditional anniversary gift is cotton. So I got Ryan a cotton golf towel with his monogram on it. And what goes better with a golf towel than a new golf bag?! Husband has been wanting one, and was pretty excited to get both! 

My BFF is selling seersucker monogrammed koozies. I never mentioned to Ryan that I wanted one, but he just knew I did! And got me one in my favorite colors: pink and orange! I love my cotton koozie and use it all the time! 

For our Valentine's gift to each other we got the camera we've been wanting! And since then I've been wanting a fancy camera strap that set our camera apart from the rest! Since we assume the straps are woven of cotton that's another thing Husband got me! I love it!!! It's red and white striped because the 2 year anniversary stone is garnet and garnets are red! It also has my name on the leather part on the end. He did good!! 

So to celebrate we had dinner at PF Chang's in downtown Fort Worth. It was delicious!!! We went all out with cocktails, appetizers, dinner, and dessert! Thanks to my FIL for the gift card and to my MIL for babysitting! 

And since I'm all about the traditions last year we started a few anniversary traditions! One of them is to take a picture of us each year holding a picture from the year before. So you'll see in this picture were holding a picture from our 1 year anniversary where there's a picture of us on our wedding day! 

We enjoyed watching our wedding video and reminiscing that beautiful day! I love him even more now than that day! He's an awesome husband and father! 

Cheers! Xoxo!


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