July 25, 2013

"What hotel again?"

Husband knows why this is the title of this post...

We have been so excited to take Prestyn to her first wedding since before she was born! The bride was even so excited that she bought Prestyn's outfit for the wedding since it matched her wedding colors! The wedding was in Weatherford which was about an hour and a half drive for us so this would also be Prestyn's first hotel stay!

We let Prestyn nap for a while the morning of the wedding so that she'd be well rested before the big night! She napped all the way there. Once we got there she even took a little cat nap! Then...she was ready to partaaaaaay!!!

The venue where the wedding was was beautiful! Every detail that Amanda put into decorating was so pretty & perfect! The ceremony was outside...thankfully it didn't rain since it had been raining this day...but "they" say it's good luck to have rain on your wedding day! :) ::side note:: I wonder what "they" say about high winds on your wedding day? That's what we had!

Amanda looked stunning! And Calen looked handsome! Amanda was crying as soon as she saw Calen...so sweet! We sat on the Groom's side so we saw Amanda the whole time. We're really friends with both of them so to pick a side was hard to do...we just picked the side that had the quickest get away in case the baby started crying! But she didn't! She was absolutely perfect the entire time! We had a paci just in case, but she wanted nothing to do with that! She just wanted to watch the happy couple get hitched!

Once the ceremony was over the crowd celebrated by spraying silly string! How fun!! Ryan tried to shield Prestyn's head, but I think she enjoyed it. :) Then we went into Th' Barn for dinner, drinks, and dancing!

Dinner was from Babe's. Which neither of us have ever had before & boy oh boy was it yum-o! They had HUGE buckets of water, soda, and beer. Then a margarita machine & wine! :) There was also sweet tea & water in mason jars! So cute! They also had cute coozies to keep and remember their special day. :) They played all the fun wedding songs...I had fun dancing with Prestyn in my lap & she enjoyed watching everybody dance.

When the slow songs played P had her first daddy/daughter dance with her daddy. :) It was very sweet! I of course wanted some snuggles too! We were so proud of P for not fussing even the tiniest bit! She was so perfect! Once we thought she was getting sleepy she just went to sleep in Ryan's arms! We said our good-byes & went to the hotel...

It was a really nice hotel, and Prestyn did great sleeping there at night...She was ready to wake up at 5:50 though! We thought she'd sleep longer since hotels have the black out curtains, but nope...she was ready to start the day! So Daddy made coffee while Mommy fed her then we enjoyed a breakfast downstairs. :) It was a great weekend!


  1. Looks like it was so much fun! I remember our first hotel experience with Abigail, which was also a wedding last summer when she was the same age! Unfortunately, Abigail partied hard and didn't want to go to bed and sleep as well as Prestyn did! ;)

  2. What a good baby girl! And you look great friend!