July 25, 2013

Introducing Solid Foods

It's funny how whenever you: get engaged, get married, get pregnant, have a baby, etc...everybody feels the need to give you their opinon on the topics whether you ask for it or not. Yes we are new at all these things, and we do appreciate advice...when we ask for it...anyway...rant over...maybe I shouldn't even include that part...it's my blog and I'll say what I want to! ;)

So some say give cereal in a bottle right away...it'll help the baby sleep at night. Some say don't give any solids (including cereal) until 6 months. Some say skip cereal all together, and go to puree at 6 months. And our pediatrican said...you can start cereal now that she is 4 months! So...that's who we listened to! :)

I bought rice & oatmeal cereal in the brand the pediatrician suggested. We tried rice first. I didn't follow the mixing instructions. Ha! I just put some breastmilk in a bowl then kept slowly adding the rice cereal until it was "the desired consistency".

We are thankful enough to be given a high chair by one of Ryan's co-workers. Prestyn has mainly just been playing in it with plastic cookie cutters while I cook. And of course I'm teaching her colors & shapes while she "plays". Well today she got to use the high chair for what it was meant for!

We will probably eventually feed her cereal at our dinner time, but wanted to do a morning feeding so we can watch for any allergic reactions. So once P was all set up it was time to start filming! I mean feeding! haha! We did both! It was so cute! She didn't really know what to think at first, and basically spit it all out! She eventually opened up to the idea, and opened her mouth & actually took some of the cereal in rather than just leaving it on her bib. :)

This part cracks me up:: Ryan was saying yum, yummy, mmmm! Then I told him to try it. (I guess he thought I already did so he tried it.) Through a fake smile & gritted teeth he said mmmm this tastes like crap! HAHAHAHA! Then I tried it...yup! Tastes like crap! I was gagging & looking for my water! How can I feed this to my child?!

Tomorrow morning we will try oatmeal cereal, and see if it's any better...I think at 5 months we'll start veggies, then fruits. Then at 6 months add meats. Oh my goodness our baby girl is getting so big!!

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  1. Ha! You should see Abigail's face when we started giving her solids! Hilarious! You're brave..I've never tasted it first. I just fed it to her! I don't think I could stand it! Ha!