July 28, 2013

4 Month Sleep Regression

So I like to read. And when it comes to how-to's on a baby--I read a lot! So I knew the 4 month sleep regression was coming. And of course it would come after the stormy period of Wonder Weeks which followed the giant 12 week/3 month growth spurt.

It basically just all means sweet girl is growing! And I'm so thankful for that! She's growing physically (mommy's little piggy!) and mentally (daddy's little smarty pants!). 

The sleep regression basically means Prestyn would go back to sleeping like a newborn. Well since she still gets up 1-2 times a night my friend Jaimee and I thought maybe..just maybe P would progress rather than regress! 

Wrong! She isn't waking up anymore than 1-2 times a night but she is thinking the 4-5 am wake up time is a good time to start the day! It's pretty sweet to hear her laughing and talking to herself in the mornings. My body will sleep on the day my soul leaves, right? So who needs sleep now?! 

So we've noticed with this regression Prestyn is having trouble napping now. aaaand break...

I began writing this the other day, but was unable to finish it because I really don't have much to say. I believe Prestyn's nap troubles have been due to teething. So next time we're at this point again...teething tablets to the rescue! Amber teething necklace! And maybe some Tylenol. :)

Here's some pics on how our sweet girl has been sleeping. :) I'm so in love!!

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