July 27, 2013

Rebel AKA Beau-Beau

So after the tragic loss of Ryder Pup we knew we would one day want another dog...that day came sooner than we planned! I opened Safari on the iPad one day, and saw that Ryan had been searching dachshunds on petfinder.com. I perked up, and began browsing too!

We found 3 that we loved, and wanted to meet! 1 of them had a video! And oh my cute!! This dog was found and taken to DFW Pup Patrol. The vet thought he was about a year old, and a mix between a long haired dachshund & pomeranian. He was so cute!!

So we went ahead & filled out the application. I got a call from Beau-Beau's foster mommy. Their only concern was us having a 4 month old baby, and how Beau-Beau would do around a baby. So I asked if we could at least come over & meet him to see how he would do...

He did great! And we fell in love with him! We wanted to go home, and talk about it before taking him with us...so we talked...and decided we would try! With the adoption process you're allowed a 72 hour "test run" just in case! Since we were out of town for the Baucom wedding we decided to get him once we got back.

The day before picking him up we went to PetsMart. We got him toys, treats, a collar, and even a tag with the name Rebel engraved on it! ::Side Note:: Those who know...Ryder was named Ryder because the offical Texas Tech mascot is Masked Rider. I just changed the spelling because apparently I like doing that i.e. naming my daughter Prestyn. :) Well since Ryan went to Ole Miss we always said our next dog would be named Rebel.

So we went to get Beau-Beau, brought him home, and began calling him Rebel! He was a really smart dog & caught on really quit! He would come if we called Rebel. He could sit, shake, stay, lay down...he was a great dog! We had so much fun with him the first day and night...he even slept on our bed!

The next day Ryan had to work so I was home alone with the baby & the dog. And oooohhh boy! That was a lot of work! A new dog with a baby was just too much for me to handle alone. All day I was looking forward to Ryan coming home that evening since he was working his part time job. But I kept thinking, "I can't do this again tomorrow!" Since Ryan was to go in for 24 hours the next day...

So with tears in my eyes we decided it was too soon, and wasn't going to work for us...So I texted Beau-Beau's foster mommy. She completely understood, and came to pick him up the next morning. There will be another "Rebel" in our life, but not for a while...

I just had to blog about this since this sweet dog was a part of our lives even if it was just for a couple days. :) And I had to include the pictures I got of him! :)

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  1. Aw, he was (is) cute...but I am with you- it would be so hard to have a new pup to get into a routine with too!