July 25, 2013

Prestyn's 4th Month

So I decided to start working on these posts throughout the month rather than when she turns that age. This way I'm not trying to remember everything that has happened. So I apologize if this sounds choppy since it was worked on daily.

Well...we knew the day would come. When you no longer needed to be swaddled. :( Before we moved you to your room we started weening you out of the swaddle with 1 arm out. Once you were in your crib we went back to both arms in. Then slowly did one arm out again. I read that you would let us know when you were ready to bit be swaddled anymore. That was when you got both arms out of the swaddle and still slept soundly! So now we still put you in the swaddle me but arms are out! 

You are definitely a girly girl and such a lady. Except when you lift your dress up to suck on it, and stick your tongue out at everything! But both are so cute!! Since you have found your tongue you find it quite funny and entertaining to stick it out! And so do we! We just laugh at you & stick our tongue right back out at ya!

Oh my distracted baby! Your daddy has officially been diagnosed with ADHD...mommy has unofficially been diagnosed with ADD since I can manage...so I'm sorry kid...the cards aren't dealt in your favor! Ha! It's so cute though! Sheesh everything you do is cute! Even when a you pop off during a nursing session to gaze at me then giggle! I'm pretty sure you're getting a full feeding so I'm not too worried about it...we hesitated to hang a mobile from your crib or to put the projection on your ceiling from your noise maker since you do get distracted so easily and you might talk to it all night rather than go to sleep. Well we figured out that not much can stop you from talking to anything & everything so we went ahead and put the projection on your ceiling...and whatdya know?! You stared for a little bit then went right to sleep! Such a good baby!

One of my favorite things that you now do is reach up and touch my face. I cried the first time you did it. It was the best feeling. To feel you reaching up to feel me. You like to do this when I'm trying to rock you before bed. I smile at you for a little bit then hold your hand so we can hold hands, and you can concentrate on going to sleep! 

Oh little girl! How you make us laugh! And we make you laugh too! Mommy blows raspberries and you just laugh! Daddy tries to which makes Mommy laugh, and then you laugh because Mommy's laughing! But boy oh boy you do not like when raspberries are blown on your cheek or neck! We found this out when Papa did it! We thought you didn't like his whiskers, but the next day Momma did it...ohhhh girl and you turned that bottom lip out! Good thing we were able to soothe you before it turned into an all out cry! 

Oops you did it again! Started leaking in your diapers that is! So we tried the next size up--size 2--and they fit! So you're now wearing a size 2 diaper. Your size 3 month clothes are getting pretty snug too! 

During this 4 month you are experiencing 5 weeks of a "leap" in brain development. This is what the Wonder Weeks app calls it. On the chart these weeks are all black with a storm cloud. Which means you might be fussier during this time. Might?! Nope! You for sure are! But I still love you! By the end of this leap you'll be able to do all the things you see here. I'm noticing you already are which is A LOT! So that explains your fussiness! You're so smart!!
So 1 day during your 4th month during a nap you decided to try to start rolling. Daddy and I were watching you on the monitor then went into your room to watch you. We watched you roll from your back to side. Then side to stomach. It took a while for you to get completely on your stomach since your arm was in the way...once you figured it out and were on your tummy you were a little surprised, and woke up! We celebrated! Then we wondered what to do since you could now roll, and wanted to sleep this way. So we still put you to bed on your back, but you always make it to your tummy! And you seem to sleep much better this way!
We had your 4th month appointment this week. We told Dr. Drake about you rolling, and she said it was time to not swaddle at all anymore. I thought it was getting close since you just kick when we put the swaddle on you. Since you had shots this day your naps were mostly in our arms...so when I put you to bed that night I did so without a swaddle...and you...SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!! Halleluia! I don't think it had anything to do with the swaddle, but EVERYTHING to do with the shots! Ha! We might be onto something though! I'm hoping you'll do this again! People talk about the 4th month sleep regression. I don't think you can regress much, but you can progress! And I think you're almost there! You're waking up 1-2 times a night. We will be starting you on cereal soon hopeful that it will help you sleep. Contrary to what some other moms may say...we're going to try & see what works for us! :)
You had a really good nap before your doctor's appointment so you were a happy baby at the appointment! They did all your measurements & here's how you did:
Height: 23.5 in (13%) you might be a shorty like Mommy & Daddy! Sorry Kid! :)
Weight: 12 lb 10 oz (17%) EXACTLY 3 pounds more than at your 2 month appt!
Head: 41 cm (61%) the same percentage as your 2 month appt!
With your awesome growth you have not only moved up in diaper sizes, but in clothes too...you wear size 3-6 months. You've even outgrown some of your size 3 month clothes. Exciting news about your growth though...you can now wear your size newborn shoes! Yay! You don't care for them too much though since you like to eat your feet. :) Silly girl!
Or Silly Goose as I sing to you & you just laugh! You also get a kick out of peek-a-boo! We love you, P, Tooter, Sugar Booger Bear! Muah!!


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  1. Happy 4 months P! Love those pictures of her! Too cute!