July 28, 2013

Letters to Prestyn Part III

My dear sweet Prestyn,

You are 4 month and 1 week old, and such a ball of fun! Literally a ball...you lift both feet up and if you tried...could probably roll into a ball. Speaking of rolling...you're rolling all over the place now! You like to roll to your tummy to go to sleep...and if we lay you on your back to play...you roll to your tummy! Too cute!!

So here's kind of how your days have been looking lately:

7 AM: Wake-up, diaper change, eat
7:30 AM: Play in the exersaucer while Mommy makes breakfast
8 AM: Play in your high chair learning shapes and colors of the plastic cookie cutters while Mommy eats breakfast.
8:30 AM: Your wake times are extending so if you're pretty awake you might stay in your high chair & eat some cereal.) :) Yep...that's right! You're such a big girl now! But if you're ready for a nap then this is how we get ready for a nap::

1. Diaper change. 2. Story. 3. Rock until you're drowsy 4. Lay you down to sleep.
10 AM: Wake-up, diaper change, eat
10:30 AM: This is usually when Mommy is doing things around the house so you play. Here are things you like to do during play time these days::
1. Jungle Play Mat. 2. Piano Play Mat. 3. Bumbo with tray & toys. 4. Jumper-roo. 5. Exersaucer 6. Tummy Time with toys. 7. Lay in your chair on your tummy with your boppy while Mommy sings & dances for you! 8. Sit in your bouncer & watch Baby Einstein or Nick JR.
*Now I know some of your other friends' mommies won't agree with #8...it doesn't happen often, but sometimes Mommy needs that!* :)
12 PM: Go down for an afternoon nap
1:30 PM: Wake-up, diaper change, eat
2:00 PM: This is really the best time to take you anywhere...by now you've had 2 good naps & are a pretty happy baby. :)
*You're getting to where you don't need another long nap...So at about:
3:30-4 PM: You have some down time...maybe a cat nap in your swing, maybe a cat nap in Mommy or Daddy's arms. (We LOVE when you nap in our arms!) :)
4:30 PM: Diaper Change, Eat (Woops! It's 4:30 now & you have fallen asleep in the swing...I guess I should wake you up & stop blogging for now!)
*Well I decided to let you nap until 5...I woke you up to feed you & this worked out perfectly! I hope this continues!*
5:00 PM: diaper change, eat
5:30 PM: Playtime/watch Mommy cook dinner
6 PM: Eat cereal (Ideally I'd like for us to have dinner at the table while you have your cereal so we're all having dinner together, but Daddy wasn't home from work yet.)
6:30-7:30 PM: More play time/down time/dinner time with Mommy & Daddy. (On the nights Daddy works you get a bath during this time)
7:30 PM: Get ready for bed...PJs, lavender lotion, medicine, vitamin, night time diaper, night time feeding
8 PM: Down for the night...aaaand you're out!
Night night P...sleep good!
Oh, I should also add that now I turn your noise maker off when I dream feed you around 10:30. It's harder for me to fall asleep without it, but easier for Daddy. And that's what marriage is all about...compromise!

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