July 6, 2015

ABCs of Summer 2...L Day

So since the Date Days/Nights are trumping Prestyn's days we went on our date, but that didn't stop P from partaking in L day activities! Only because she has one of the best babysitters ever...Kiki & Brookie of course!

Let me just say that our relationship with Prestyn is super important, but our relationship with each other is also important. I want our children to grow up, and see how much we loved each other...and see the things we did to keep our marriage going...date days/nights...so we're open with P about where we're going and what we're doing...I mean to an extent! She was happy to see us off, and even happier that Kiki was there with her!

L is for Love...Kiki LOVES Prestyn and Prestyn LOVES Kiki! They started off swinging which kept Prestyn quite happy! Then when Brookie came over they did the little crafts I had put out for the letter L!

So I got a paper plate, and cut the center circle out. The outside part was used to make a Lion Mask. I cut strips of yellow & orange paper to be glued around the plate as the lion's mane. Kiki and Brookie took it the extra mile, and painted the rim of the plate! Then you glue a popsicle stick to the mask so that you can hold onto that as you pretend to be a lion. Which Prestyn loves since she always ROARS and tries to scare Pierce...Big Sister Bully...juuuuust kiiiiiding...sorta

The inside of the paper plate was used to make a lollipop! You put paint on it then cover it with saran wrap. Then let the child use his/her fingers to move the paint around. Then just add a popsicle stick to the circle and you have a lollipop!

Prestyn has a little trouble saying her L's so it's cute to hear her say wowwipop and wion, but I try to get her to say l, l, l, l, lizard (for example). And she does the l, l, l, l part then says...WIZARD! aaaahhh! We'll get there! Just hoping she won't need speech therapy...if she does that's ok...but I'll try to do what I can to fix those L's until then! ;)

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