June 22, 2015

ABCs of Summer...Date Night Edition...A-F

So when people ask what we're doing this summer Ryan or I explain that we're doing the ABCs of summer. I proudly admit that it's the teacher in me that inspires this. I know he's equally proud, but I also know he thinks I'm a little dorky and OCD over the ABCs of Summer. So when he tells people he's like...she's a teacher...haha.

Well...guess who had the brilliant idea to do ABCs of Summer for date nights?! Not me! The teacher. Nope. It was the firefighter's idea! And I loved it!!! 

So with Prestyn we do the ABCs of Summer 3 days a week. Unfortunately we don't get date night 3 nights a week, but we are fortunate for the 1 night we get! So our one night we have to get a little creative and try to get through more than just 1 letter! It's just easier to keep track of if we're on the same letter of Prestyn. 

So we started with the letter A, duh! Which stands for...anniversary!!! This year we celebrated our 4 year anniversary. I'm not going to lie...we've had our ups and downs these past 4 years but we've stayed strong in our faith and foundation for our marriage. We continue to be thankful for God bringing us happily together under not so happy circumstances. We're thankful for the life we have together with our children and each other. 

So for Ryan's birthday he said all he wanted was socks. Really?! So I got him socks, but I also got him flip flops and a pedicure! I guess it was secretly a gift for me too because I was like hey we can go together on our anniversary! So momma got a mani and pedi too! 

Our next stop took care of the letter B! B is for beverages! So we went to Flying Saucer. Ryan's a member of the UFO club, and it had been 1 year since we were there so it was time to check some more off his list! It was a beautiful day for patio sitting! And since the lake is so high now it gave off a nice breeze. We enjoyed a delicious lunch and conversation! 

C is for Concerts! That evening we joined our friends David & Grace for Concerts on the Lake. Again the weather was in our favor today! We had dinner and drinks out there while we listened to a Stevie Ray Vaughn cover band. Not so much our kind of music, but it was still fun. Afterwards we popped over to Southern Comforts at the Harbor where we did get to hear our kind of a music! Great Country Bar that we can't wait to go back to! 

This was entire Date Day and Night that was a blast! So there's the letter D! That's one piece of advice I always give newlyweds...continue to date each other! We have to stop and remind ourselves of that too sometimes but it's so important. Now that we have kids another crucial part is the conversation...it's hard not to talk about the kids, but we tried to talk like we're dating again! 

E is for Energy! We can't forget about the power nap Dadda and I got in between our day date and night. Pierce was asleep when we got home, and Prestyn was at the sitter so we both got naps in so we could have energy for the night! Because let's face it...we're 31 with 2 kids. We're Exhausted 80% of the time. Lol. So a nap is always an Effective way to Enjoy ourselves. 

I haven't mentioned our gifts yet. That's the letter F! The Four year traditional gift is Fruit and Flowers! This was a Fun gift to arrange and it was easy on our budget. And since I took 10 weeks off work this was good! :) So I made Ryan...Bacon Flowers! It was so easy and he loved it! His fruit gift was a watermelon wall flower for his room at the station and lemon scented body wash. 

Ryan came home with Flowers and chocolate covered strawberries for me! The Flowers were beautiful and in the cutest bird house vase! Attached to the Flowers was a balloon that Prestyn claimed as her own. It was so sweet.  When Ryan walked in with it she said, "oh thank you daddy!" I couldn't tell her it was really for me. She loves balloons! The chocolate strawberries were delicious, and after this celebration it's time to get back on our diets! 

Cheers to 4 years and at least 40 more!! 

obligatory anniversary pic with a picture from the year before...(#nomorecheesefries) :(

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