June 26, 2015

ABCs of Summer 2...I Day

Because not every day has to be going somewhere we had fun Indoors today! 

A little side note:: I'm about 10 lbs away from pre-pregnancy weight. 20 lbs away from where I was when I lost weight after Prestyn. And 30 lbs away from a goal weight! Soooo our morning was spent at the gym. I get my workout in indoors! But Prestyn wanted to play outdoors. Ha. 

We had some good relaxing time at home after the gym. I had some letter I crafts planned as well as making homemade ice cream. Prestyn had so much fun with this first craft that we didn't get to anything else! 

So I'm calling this Ice Cream Paint. Except next time I'll do it a little different. So here's what we did: 

On a paper plate I sprayed some shaving cream. Then squeezed glue on it. Prestyn used a Popsicle stick to mix it up. She said she wanted her "ice cream" to be pink so then I added pink acrylic paint and stirred that in. 

On a large sheet of paper I drew an ice cream cone. I then told her to paint the scoops of ice cream on the cone. She went a little crazy, but who am I to micromanage?! I let her have fun with it! This is definitely something we'll do again. I got this off Pinterest but I think next time...

I'll just spray whipped cream on a plate and add food coloring then let her paint with that. Until she's old enough to understand not to eat the ice cream paint. 😜 we'll also do it outside next time. It made quite the mess but it wSnt too bad cleaning up! 😊

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