June 9, 2015

ABCs of Summer 2...A Day

Last summer I started the ABCs of Summer with Prestyn. I didn't blog about every day, but we did partake in activities from A-Z! This summer I have a bit more of a plan, and now that she's a year older we can do more. :) Of course we have Pierce too! He's still too young to understand all that's going on, but we'll take him on the adventures when we can!

Prestyn is still going to Mrs. Amber's on Tuesdays and Thursdays this summer. For 1 to help keep her in that routine and 2 to keep a Thomas Family spot since Pierce will start there in the Fall when Prestyn goes to Big Girl School! So our ABCs of Summer will take place on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. If Ryan is working on one of those days I'm getting a babysitter to come stay with Pierce because me trying to take both kids somewhere would just be too much right now! Especially with their ages...also on those days either Prestyn and I will have just Mommy & Me time or we'll try to make it a playdate with one of her many friends! :) On the days that Ryan is home then all 4 of us will partake in the ABCs of Summer activities!

This year I mapped out the days for June before so that we were prepared! I planned last year, but not this much so I think this will go much better! So we'll start with the 1st day...the letter A!

Ok so here was my plan: A is for Animals. There are animals at the Gentle Zoo that Prestyn can touch & pet! This is where her 2nd birthday was supposed to be, but since she was sick and we didn't get to go we have a credit there. Ryan worked this day so Kiki came over to hang out with Mr. P, and Prestyn & I were on our way to Forney! We invited my friend Meghan and her daughter Saylor to join us! So Meghan gets out there a few minutes before me, calls me, and tells me it's CLOSED! Oh no!!! I had been psyching Prestyn up for seeing animals so I was worried about her disappointment.

Well we turned around and headed to Chick Fil A! Prestyn didn't even ask about the animals. Ha! She was just excited to play with her friend Saylor. So we had a good lunch then we let the girls play! This was Prestyn's 1st time playing in a play area at a restaurant like that so I was of course snapping all kinds of pictures. People thought I was crazy, but I was also like hey this is going in the blog so I have to have pictures!

Prestyn wasn't scared at all. I was worried that she would climb all the way to the top, and be too scared to come down. Nope! I was very proud of her! She also did so good when it was time to go. So there were lots of stamps earned. (That's a story for another post!)

Our plan was to come home, nap, then continue with our A day activites. We were going to paint a picture of Anna from Frozen with Prestyn's foot. Instead we had a letter A visitor! Ryan's cousin Alex came to visit! Prestyn had lots of fun playing with her and her friend. :) Not a lot of "A" things were done, but we did have a pretty good day!

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