June 17, 2015

ABCs of Summer 2...E Day

I didn't have much planned for today. We haven't been to the library yet this summer so my plan was to go this morning for story time. Then I thought we could check out books about or with Elephants! 

Well we woke up this morning and it was Extra wet outside! Lots of rain! So I decided we would stay in! Our morning started with Prestyn having eggs for breakfast! She really enjoyed it and so did her baby! I thought it was so cute that she wanted to feed her baby. Such the little mommy! 

After some Educational time of reading books it was time for our 1st experiment! Since experiments weren't in my original plan for today I had to find ones we could do with the materials we had here at the house. 

The 1st one was fun. I just didn't have the right glue. So what you're supposed to do is use Elmers (I just realized that's an E too!) glue to "draw" a picture. Well we have the natural kind so it doesn't quite pour out like I guess the non natural kind?? So I ended up just spreading it all on the paper. Then you sprinkle table salt on the glue. Then you paint with food coloring and water! It was so Easy! First we reviewed our colors with the cups of water then added drops of food coloring in the cups to match. Then Prestyn painted away! Baby of course had to paint one too! 

After an Extra special snack of ants on a log (peanut butter on celery with raisins on the peanut butter) it was time for another Experiment! This one Pierce got to watch too! So you're supposed to fill a jar about 3/4 of the way with water. Then top with white shaving cream. Not the gel kind. Well that was all we had so it made for a pretty Exciting Experiment! Then you're supposed to drop blue food coloring on the "cloud" to watch it rain in the jar. Again because we had the wrong shaving cream it didn't white work the way it was "supposed" to but P Enjoyed it!!

E is also for Extra snuggles! I Enjoyed snuggles both my babies today since we were home, but I really Enjoyed my snuggle time with Pierce. We put so much Extra attention into Prestyn so she doesn't feel like he's taking all the attention, but momma needs some time with little man too! 

By the End of the day I was/am Exhausted! But before Ending our day Prestyn and I took a trip to the gym to Exercise while Kiki kept Pierce! So Prestyn's new word she learned was exercise. She always says we're going to the gym to play babies which is what she does, but it's important she knows momma exercises and how important taking care of yourself is! 

Maybe it's a lack of Estrogen but I'm glad it's the End of the day! 😜

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